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Juu Mensou

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"Goodbye, and welcome back. I'm just the old me."


Juu Mensou (or "Ten-Faced" in English)
gotta love Gumi with Multiple Personality Disorder ;D

from right to left, personality number:
1. Original; 2. Obedient; 3. Genki girl; 4. Tsundere; 5. Mature/sexy; 6. Darudere; 7. Yankee; 8. Do.S; 9. Innocent/valley girl; 10. Crybaby. Pick your favorite :D

watch here [link] or here [link]
I upload the BG here too (in case you want to see the full version): [link]
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Love, love, love, this song!
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AMattz-de-StudioMHobbyist General Artist
Too aweshum!
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Minty-IllusionHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! All of their personalities are portrayed really well~!
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kirbita22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Darudere looks so much like Alice from Touhou...
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Im probably most like Darudere. Hahah I have the same exact hair style as Do.S except mine's red! ^-^
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Sumomi-chanStudent Digital Artist
This is one of my favorite song!! then it's mozaik role but this n1!! :D :dummy: love the art !!
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HaruhiTheHumanMinunHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gumi is so KAWAII!!!!!!!!!
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Invader-MeaHobbyist General Artist
I like the Innocent/Valley girl, but I know which one one of my alters would like most :facepalm:

Yeah, he'd definitely like the Mature/Sexy one most. Aidan's just a perv like that ._.
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Jadefire33Student Traditional Artist
I love this so much!
But I fail what does 8 mean?
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buchi96Professional Artist
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Isn't "Yankee" a word for American? Is THAT how they see us? XD
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Can I ask?
What is Darudere and Do.S??
KurohaAi's avatar
KurohaAi Digital Artist
Darudere is a type of deredere person who rather lazy and snarky toward the person they're love
Do.S means "dominating sadistic" (if you get what I mean...)
NayukiMarcia's avatar
Ohh... ok thx! ^^
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AcaciathornHobbyist Digital Artist
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Kafemania-LC Digital Artist
namacha panda FTW!
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KurohaAi Digital Artist
namacha! oh I hope I have the plushie > w <
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Kafemania-LC Digital Artist
yeah XD
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Oh! They are all so cute, lovable and adorable-!
You draw really nice, I love this song. Thank you for drawing her expressions in this song cos I fantasize this picture

Hm, I like the Darudere one cos ... she looks so cool and the type who's hard to approach and secretive maybe?
I don't mean to show off or anything but,.. she reminds me of me
That face is so,..ahhh, calm and like she's hiding something, SO SOLID *A*
Oh, can you explain what's a "Darudere"? I tried googling it but there was no direct translation
Is it something like Kuudere, cos that's just coooooooooooooooooool , Haha :D
KurohaAi's avatar
KurohaAi Digital Artist
thank you very much!
oh, I like the darudere one too :meow:

Darudere type person is rather lazy and snarky toward the person they're love
the certain example is Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi series :D
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Oh, cooool! *highfive*, no wait... *tenfive*

Oh,...so it's like,...you care less of the one you love, is it?
And blunt?...is it also like Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
And is it quite different than Kuudere?

Ah, Im sorry if Im annoying you but google doesn't say much ;A;
But I REALLY love her expression in Darudere form (:
KurohaAi's avatar
KurohaAi Digital Artist
you mean "tenhigh" :iconheplz:
but Homuran more to kuudere type than darudere, she's a bit snarky yes but toward Madoka she's being her old sweet self :D
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Oh lol yeah xD *Highten*
Oh yeah, agreed OuO
Deep inside , she's a nice girl ;u; /blush
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