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COMMISH: Love -Animated-



CAUTION: This is extremely cheezy material. Plz do NOT watch if u r allergic to dairy products such as cheese!

OMG i am so frikken happy i got this done. And it turned out pretty good for my 3rd animation??? idk
lol the whole time i was drawing this, i was both worried AND excited for the outcome.
i think so was :iconamuletjoker: XD
i learned A LOT from this, so thx for commissioning me Nico! c:

ummm this took me about 40 hours or more since i was such a noob at this
(that was a TOTALLY RANDOM guess. i probably spent much more or much less time than that lol)

yuppp its 1:30AM rite now & im tired so bai c:
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this is so cute!!! XD