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Over the last few weeks I've added some more smilie & mood icon sets :) I hope everyone enjoys them!

Currently on my todo list:

- cameras
- hearts
- tea pots
- new girl

- bee
- sheep
- stars
- tea pots
Well I added my icon bases to here :)  I put up my Bleach ones and waited a few days before adding the other ones to see if they would get taken down or not.  I had that happen to a bunch of my avatars so I was wary about it this time :)

I also put up a layout image that I was going to use on my website but I'm too lazy to find good coding for Wordpress.  I'm going to try to work on another layout this week :)  I have an entire week off from work so I have lots of time to come up with something.  I also need to make my QBee layout and patch to submit for reentry into the QBee.

Enjoy the bases!
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I finally got all my emote previews done, and I found 4 sets I hadn't put up here yet :)  So WOOT.  I made a new wallpaper tonight too but I don't think I can post it on here :(  It'll probably get taken down cause I used images I didn't make myself.  So I'll be posting it on my website shortly :)
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Hey all :) I went through my bases and my mood icons and I made mew preview images for all of them.   I still need to go through my emoticons and do the same for them, and I found 3 sets I haven't put up on here yet!  So I'll be adding those when I finish the previews :):)

I'm debating whether or not to make the same preview images for my dolls, I may do that I haven't decided yet.
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Hey all :)  So I added 5 new emoticon sets :)  I really need to reorganize my deviant art page. I love the preview image I'm using for the new smilies so I'm probably going to go through and fix all my emotes and moods to that.  I do have a few more emote sets I have on the go as well, so look out for those in the next few weeks.

I haven't added these new sets to my website yet but I will!

<3 Grace
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I added 3 sets of mood icons, I have the entire set in a zip file ready to upload to my site, I just need to do it.  I've added all but the eye smilies to my website as well.  I have alot of uploading ahead of me tonight ;)

Enjoy :)
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I've been working on some new emoticons that I will be posting up here soon.  Photoshop keeps "not responding" so I'm having troubles with that.  But I have 3 sets of emoticons to put up.  Going to try for a fourth later today.
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I've been neglecting my deviant page but I added a few new things today :)  Enjoy
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I added 3 new deviations :) I will be adding more tonight too!
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I'm so annoyed. My icons and wallpapers were deleted....WHY!?!?! I had to use images taken from movie sites because they are FAN ART. My god.  

Anyways I put back up a pixel avatar I made and they said I didn't. It took me 3 hours to make it so they bloody well leave it up.
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So I added 53 icons that I made today :) Along with some other art that I've done in the past.  I've been going stir crazy because I'm sick so all I can do is go on the computer and make stuff haha.
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I added almost all of my bases and a new doll today ^_^  IT's funny I figured out how to do it without showing a preview WOOT GO ME lol.

So yeah...check them out.... ?
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I added 2 more dolls ^_^  I added the Lust Doll last night and the Jester today.  It took me 2 days to do each doll.  I really like them though!
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Well I've added all my mood icons, wallpapers and a few avatars :)  I'm debating adding my smilie sets as well.  That will take me forever to do as I need to make preview images for all 20 of them lol.

I also put up anew screenshot of my desktop :) I like it lol.  My windows looks like Windows Vista except it's Windows XP muaha.

I hope everyone likes me newest deviations!
Thanks for the comments everyone :) I like being on this site now hehehe.

I added a few more deviations, mostly just photo manipulations cause I was bored.  I'm playing around with differnet filters on photoshop and seeing what I come up with :)

I want to put my mood icons up here but it would take me forever to upload them all >.> so maybe later lol.
Well this is my first post here on deviant, I signed up so I could showcase my wallpapers and other things.  I'll probably end up putting my avies here as well.  I do mostly pixel work which I have all up on my site so I'll have here for my regular work.

I'm not into drawing my own stuff, I just manipulate things on the computer which sometimes turn out good and soemtimes turn out bad.

Today I made mood icons which I have posted on my site.  I made 5 girls sets and 1 pirate set.  Not sure if anyone will really use them but meh I enjoyed making them.

I have to work the next 4 days straight (4 12:30-9 shifts X_X) and I won't be able to make any graphics during this time which bites.  After a shift I just want to come home and die.

I'm watching Burst Angel right now.  It's a pretty good series. I must rent more of it.

Well Adios people.