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Dragons in the Sky

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Tell me, have you ever seen dragons in the clouds?

More dragons! Weird dragons made of clouds, but yeah. Sometimes cloud-gazing through the bus' window is really inspirational. 
I'm trying to push myself more and more out of my comfort zone. I need to draw more landscapes. And armors. And stuff. 

(Do you know about the Rookies? Please vote my entry here!)

I've received a most useful critique on this piece, so I worked a bit on it again~

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Art © Giulia Valentini 
Tools || Adobe Photoshop 

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Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen (I know it doesn't sound like much coming from a small artist) and I absolutely love the colors you used. The dragon look very surreal and I've never seen this idea done before. I especially like its pose as it emerges from the clouds; this adds a really surreal feel to it. The yellow-pink hues make it impactful because it radiates a dream-like feeling of somewhat familiarity, because let's face it, most if not all of us have seen something similar in clouds. Overall, spectacular work! I don't think this piece could've been done any better.
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Thank you so much!! T^T
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No problem! ^^ Thanks for accepting my critique C:
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Wow thats really cool!!

Wow just wow I thought it was just a cloud and then I saw the dragon

Absolutely breathtaking...can I use this on my website? I've been looking for a feature pic and I believe this is it. All credit to you, of course.

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as long as there's a clear credit, go ahead!

Awesome! Will do. Thank you so much!

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Cloud goals tbh
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This is breathtaking
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...interesting -- very nice.
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Bellissimo, sembrano davvero nuvole vere!
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Hello! This is such a lovely piece. The way the light gleams in the clouds is striking. The fact there are two dragons and a modern aircraft adds so much interest. It keeps me focused and looking for more.

I used your beautiful painting in my latest blog post. I have it titled with your name, and linked the image to this page. If you would rather I not use it I will take it down. 

Again this is really really lovely! Heart…
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thank you so much! It's perfectly ok for you to keep it up since there's the credit :D 
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This is such a beautiful scene. So peaceful and calm. And the way the right dragon emerges from the clouds ( I know they are clouds, but still) and casts a shadow on his own wings makes it look really majestic. It makes me just want to sit on top of one of those clouds and watch the slow dance they're about to have. In my imagination, at least.
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very amazing artwork, can't wait to see more of your work
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Stupendo!! complimenti XD
Wow. That's impressive
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hmmm this is the updated version right did u add more shadow ? if not plz explain what u changed it looks different :)
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