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This is wonderful!
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Looming with too much powahful size :3
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Hey, Really well made but, mature content filter, please! DeviantART allows users as young as 13 years old!
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there is nothing mature about this.
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This is a commission for fetish art. It may not contain pornography but, just imagine being a 13 yo (maybe even younger) child seeing this.
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well I ran into shit like this when I was 8 and have seen way worse shit before I even turned 12. Before I had even turned 15 I have witnessed evils that few even can phatom exist on places like live leak and /gif/. 

Your point is?
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But, just because you've seen fetish art as a child dosn't mean others have to.
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Well you say “have to” as if someone is going around handing out fetish art pahmplets like one of those Las vegas stip clubs.
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You're right, I did phrase that wrong. Instead, I should of said "But, just because you've seen fetish art as a child doesn't mean others should." instead.
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If you're on deviantart in the first place, it shouldn't seem like too much of a scare to see this. It's fetish art, and if that scars a kid's mind, maybe take a break from the internet?
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That's some amazing water retention, there!

On a related note, I've really been enjoying Isekai Quartet.
This is so funny and cute. I love how the brown hair girl is short, chubby, and scared and how the blue hair girl is tall, fat, and giving that smirky face.

I have one question if you are willing to answer: How did the blue hair girl became so big, fat, and tall and how did the brown hair girl became so short and chubby? Did the blue hair girl steal the brown hair girl's size or was it a magic spell, or something she ate to make the blue hair girl bigger than the brown hair girl? Either way I love the size difference between the two girls.
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Guess Aqua isn't so useless now that she can intimidate enemies at this size 
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You replied to me...
Sorry about that I was doing it from my phone. I guess I click on the wrong spot by accident, lol. But she is cute when she is big, lol.
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