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Dragon Heart Tribal v3

Just trying to see if I still got it, 'cause I haven't drawn for a long time. And this is what came out :P

It's supposed to be shaped like a heart but I can't see it clearly XD
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HP ojj3600
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Sep 12, 2011, 2:19:34 PM
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hey can I use this for my Xzayore Rayne project?
I'll give you credit
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Sure, I'll be honored! But what is that project? Mind filling me in? Just curious :D
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Name: Xzator Rayne
Age: 18 years old
From: Hidden Dragon Village
Info: Special jutsu called dragon jutsu he uses it to transform into a dragon, in addition he has mangekyou shakugan a combination of the sharingan and byakugan eyes that lets him see his oppents chakura and movements, he also has a 12 tailed wolf to use in battle but its a very dangerous combination,(he killed his bestfiend while he was in that combination, using Blue Dragon's Fury), Later He jumped down from the floating metroplis aka the Hidden Dragon Village and ends up on his own new journey.

that's the project now I just need a floating metroplis
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Well, sounds like a lot is going on for him! xD That's nice, and I can picture this on him too, which is awesome! Keep it up!