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water tutorial

crapy water tutorial from this drawing :

tool : sai
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!!kaomoji set 2 58/67 
Help Me by wolfhong  
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Can this be done in Photoshop, too?
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Thank you so much, this tutorial was very helpful. Water Practice by zencat61  
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Summer Yoosung by flightless-birb  
This tutorial really helped me out! Thank you~!
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I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Your brush sort of fades out and has different pressure points. I don't know how to do that. 
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i remember going through this in 2015 i think. still the best water tutorial <3
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thanks so much for this tutorial!! I always struggle with the surface of water, very helpful!
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hey thanks for the tutorial!~

| Contest Entry| Primarina by DreamerFoxness

not great, but still love how it turn out ^^
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it turn out great :)
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Helped me out loads to figured out some things for my work I was struggling with. Thank you.
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Your tutorial was very helpful, thank you for making it.

Marlin and Coral     and      Marlin and Dory
The Little Clownfish from the Reef by LaceyHolmes Short-Term Dory by LaceyHolmes
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Thanks for making this tutorial! It was really helpful when it came to trying to draw the ocean! 

I used it with this piece: 

Welcome to the Surface by DragonTamer411  
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glad it helped, it looks great ^^
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I use Firealpaca so this was a lil difficult ;-; I'd rather not show my finished product..
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Ocean Boy by cherry-kid  used it in this piece! Thanks for the tutorial, the arrows were helpful :0
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good job! the color palette is a great choice ^^ glad it helped :3
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Thank you so much! This was amazingly helpful!
.:Speedpaint:.Beach Scotty by Marritime  
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woah I'm always amazed how people are using it to create such beautiful artworks ;u;
so happy it helped, it's beautiful!
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Aah thank you so much!

Its really a wondeful tutorial, you did a great job!
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Hello! Your tutorial is fantastic & really helped me with this image :D
commission - we're a mess, but we try by TayaRavena
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Oh it's really good! love it, good job ! :0
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