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Kuroshitsuji : Beach
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Published: August 22, 2011
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Ah yes, a summer pic *v*

I started to draw this when outside, the temperature was at 40°C ... so like I can't go to the beach, and I wanted something fresh.. I just.. drew it ^3^
Now the weather is thunder+rain lol..

anyway, there is a little wip on the background i posted on my tumblr : [link]

that thing killed me ;v; but was fun to draw.
btw i made some researches about the victorian era swimsuits xD the Ladies are awesome but the men are so ugly i just mixed it with the ladies' xD sorry >.>

characters from anime/manga : Kuroshitsuji @toboso yana
- Grell, Lizzy, undertaker, Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Tanaka and Alois.
Tool : Paint tool sai
time : 2 days.

edit : yep it's a mermaid!grell and yep it's undertaker on the very background, he's floating on a .. coffin, and Lizzy is sitting on a Chibi inflatable Toboso Yana \o/

And thank you for your precious comments, it means a lot >3<

edit 2 : crapy tutorial xD
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ImJustaUser|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tanaka looks like he's having a great time.
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Vyperbites|Hobbyist General Artist
This is an awesome drawing.  I absolutely love it.
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GlittzerCat|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been searching for this for a long time and I finally found it
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Wuerfelmuffin's avatar
Wuerfelmuffin|Hobbyist General Artist
I did not believe this is a fanart. It looks so fantastic great!
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Tassji-S's avatar
Tassji-S|Hobbyist General Artist
absolutely beautiful
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SnowdronGirl1's avatar
SnowdronGirl1|Hobbyist General Artist
Undertaker though x'D
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ImJustaUser's avatar
ImJustaUser|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where is he?
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SnowdronGirl1's avatar
SnowdronGirl1|Hobbyist General Artist
very very far off in the distance on a little boat coffin 
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AngeesDreams's avatar
omg I almost didn't see the old man in front of them <3
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xXSword-ChanXx's avatar
xXSword-ChanXx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ciel looks adorable! :D
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EccentricPhantasm's avatar
EccentricPhantasm|Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this on IFunny and I thought it was official art at first!!
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ScarletQuill's avatar
Wow ::smile::
this inspires with both the visual and yet to be. Could I ask about the contents of Sebastian's trey...?
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SonalG1988's avatar
Fantastic art
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RaevenLaLunaLight's avatar
Hahahah~. Claude stealing Ciel's snack~.
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catdemongirlhunter's avatar
of all of the dumb things undertaker is doing, floating on a coffin is by far the dumbest. Grell is as always trying to get next to Sebastian. Lizzy is just waving, Sebastian holding up food thingy, (i don't know what they call those things.) with one hand will using the other to push Grell away from him.Tanaka is just Swimming around.  a shark is swimming around undertaker's coffin-boat.
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Milfoilmilo's avatar
Milfoilmilo|Hobbyist General Artist
Look at Undertaker in the background! It took me forever to figure out who it was, I collapsed from laughter when I did. Clap Laugh LOL Crazy Laughing Peridot - Chat Icon Jensen/Dean Evil Laugh ~ free to use! 
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Sebastian: No. *shoves the smexy red head away*
Ciel: Sebastian, let me sample a bit of the rose hip scones.
Sebastian: Very good, my Lord. *hands bocchan a bit of the scone on a fork*
Alois: Claude! I want that! Lemme have it right now!
Claude: Yes, your highness. 'But it looks soo good....' *eats off of Ciels fork*
Ciel and Alois: HEY!!
Ciel: What was that for!?
Sebastian: *glares at Claude for an answer*
Claude: Sugar into salt, day into night, food into mouth, that's what makes a Trancy butler. *smirks*
Alois: THATS NOT HOW IT GOES YOU BLOODY SHIT! *stares blankly* what has this world become...
Lizzie: Ciel! Ciel! Ciel!
Yana-kun: Get off me you damned brat.
Grell: Hey! Brat is my word!
Yana-kun: You repec me. I made you ya know.
Grell: *glances at Sebastian* Now then, how 'bout that kiss? *puckers lips*
Sebastian: No. *shoves Grell down*
Tanaka: Hobh. Hobh. Hobh. (translation: Ho. Ho. Ho.)
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Hililigoula|Student General Artist
Ah Mr.Tanaka ! :laughing: 
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JustAChildAtHeart|Student General Artist

Gay-ish Claude.

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Sasu-Saku-Uchiha's avatar
Sasu-Saku-Uchiha|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sebastian and Grell remind Sasuke and Karin :'D haha
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Queen-of-Ice101's avatar
Love this:
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Vasunshinegrl96's avatar
it looks like there is a shark swimming around Undertaker~
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NicoleBruneau's avatar
Omg <3 I love you for drawing this.
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angelinanarayan's avatar
angelinanarayan|Student Photographer
you are a god for drawing this XD
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