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By kuro-mai
Oh I've forgot to upload this one!
Cirno from Touhou (again) ^^
tool :Sai

sorry for the spam! >///<

*Off to bed*
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Is that....A LEWD!!?!?!
Minor nitpick: you made the wings so easy to miss that I thought this was a humanized fanart.
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Cirno is the cutest of all the Touhou Project females, especially here
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
You have fucking freezing powers!
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Moral - use a fucking spoon
Kuro-Son's avatar
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Cirno, what are you doing?! D:
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She's very beautiful!
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oh cirno, y u so cute? :heart:
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I can see why people doubt Cirno's intellect.
I mean, she has ice powers. How did that ice cream melt?
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this seems to be a oldie but ya i like it
MetalSoldier84's avatar
I'm not sure... but isn't Cirno able to freeze the air around her?
In that case... Why did her ice cream melt?

Anyway... i just have one thing to say..
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...Shouldn't she be able to keep the ice cream cold to keep it from melting like that?
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This looks really good. You did a super job.
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Awesome! But this is better than awesome. xD
Hello dirty mind. D: orz
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Im on a horse!
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