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4 Wolf Adoptables-OPEN

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Sorry 'bout the crappy designs. I have an art block, so I thought I should make some designs!

I got lazy after the first one. xD;
Please follow the rules in order to adopt.

1. Please give me credit for the design(s).
2. Accesories may be added.
3. You can change the design, but don't go crazy changing the design. >:C
4. You must draw the design sometimes. I don't want to see you only drew it once and then never draw it again.
5. Draw the design.
6. Please fill this out in your "Artist Comments" thing when you post the picture.
Short Story:

1. Adopted-=Spirit-Lupine
2. Adopted-*XRain-SpiritX

I think that's it.
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They are so great! X3
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Nuuhhh they are already taken D=
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Yeah, sorry 'bout that. ;; There is one left, but, I'll be making some more soon. ;)
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OMG 2 is so sexy... too bad someone already got him/her
But 3 is hot too >w>
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And, thankies. c:
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I was referring to the fact that all my art programs are quite dead xD
But thanks <3
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Lol, that too! >8D
Lol, np!
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Aww these are so cute! c: I really like 2. I would've tried for him if someone wouldn't have claimed him... But oh well. X3
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Thought I'd try for 3, as well xD If thats okay. Another scribble, will make her a ref if I get her.


Name: Chenoa (Native American for 'Dove';)
Age: A little over a year
Gender: Female
Personality: Very nice, and submissive. One of the lower pack members.
Short Story: Chenoa was found alone in a white forest by Tala and her pack (my chars), and wanted to help along with...blah blah blah my storyline xDDD
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Number 4
Name : Godl - Nickname Frisky
Age - 4 years
Gender Female
Personallity - Kind,fun loving, brave, and sometimes snappy.
Short story - Born in the forest on a cold winter day. She was born with long-ish fur, so it was sorta easy to survive the harsh winds.

Picture - will give a link in a moment
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Thank you! I can't wait to see the pick!
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Im getting better at drawing wolves, so its not mah best but Im about to post it !
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You got her! But, you have to promiss that you will drew her from time-to-time. ;)
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I will ! And thanks ! Im going to draw her later
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Ok, then you got her!
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There, ugh, I was rushing and I forgot his shoulder markings DDDx
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Name: Cruz
Age: 3 in wolf years
Gender: Male
Personality: Fierce, but overall nice. Just don't judge him.
Short Story: A year ago, Cruz was tried for a crime that he did not commit. He was thrown out of the pack after being given a good beating, and now just endlessly searches for a home to call his own...

I'm sorry the picture is crappy, but I REALLY want him, and I've great plans for him to be in my upcoming comic ;.;
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You got him! Congrats! Take good care of him. ;)
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I'm so happy! I'll use him a lot, don't worry :3

Thank you so much~! <333
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