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    "Marty, the future!"
Back To The Future II was a great movie, one of the best from the 80s. A classic. The movie was an inspiration for many technologies we have today. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. However, 3D printing and modeling wasn't a thing we thought of back then, today these technologies are taking over the world.
    I started learning Fusion 360, software for 3D modeling. I fell in love with it! It is indeed possible to create anything you can think of. Better yet, actually printing it with a 3D printer. One of the first things I made was a signature pawn. I play chess, and making my own chess set is a goal I have in mind.
This is what it looks like modeled:
Signature pawn by KurlovSignature pawn (bottom) by Kurlov
And this is what it looks like in real life:
Untitled by KurlovUntitled by Kurlov

    As you can see, I made it light, curvy and minimalist. I am inspired by minimal and smooth designs, this is the main motivation for creating the perfect pawn. It has a futuristic sphere on top, and a noticeable separation between the rest of the body. You might notice there is a hole at the bottom. This is a conscious design decision to make the pawn lighter, and to possibly add a magnet, if the chess board were to become magnetic.
    There is only one actually printed in real life and it belongs to me. I am planning on producing more, to fit an entire chess board on both sides. If you want one, there is an option to get the file for 1110 points. I do not have a 3D printer at hand to ship these to you ;) (Wink) . You can obviously adjust the size to your own preference. (if you make a huge one, send me a picture!)

Onto more sculpting!
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This is my new engraving. It's called Olen. I studied the art of engraving, and I think I mastered it.

Olen by Kurlov

My first engraving was called Slony. I kinda failed. Hard strokes, bad idea of what an engraving should be.

Enjoy my newest video about the behind the scenes of making it.
Yabloki mezhdu galacticami by Kurlov
This is my latest artwork. It's a drawing called "Yabloki Mezhdu Galaktikami". That means "apples between galaxies" in Russian.

    This artwork is a very true conceptual. It indeed represents apples in a slightly curved UFO flying from the Brown Galaxy to the timebending Red Galaxy (should I make a comic book about these?). If you look at it from a distance, it seems to truly unveil a new dimension. Also, look at the shading of the apples contrary to the UFO. It's cool, right?
    Anyway, I'm excited to make more drawings in the future, as I don't have that many in the gallery.
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It's happening. No, we're not moving, but we're improving the gallery.
We made sure the fridge is open to all customers, if they want to store their drinks there. If someone wants a drink, they can get one for free each time they visit. Then, we brought changes to the logo, which is now embossed in the beautiful font of Swistblnk Monthoers. As for art, we made sure more art is visible, and added the latest scratchboards. We wanted to organize art in a better way, so we now have two "Themes" sections, where we put art based on a certain theme, obviously curated and chosen by me. Then, to organize art even more thoroughly, we have the "Inspiration Monthly". It's not only my art, but items carefully chosen, that inspire and aspire me every day. As it says in the title, they are changed monthly. Then, the minor touches, there's a donation section if you (really, like really) want to donate. We also added a brand new place to the gallery, called "The Giving Chamber". I really like giving things to those who deserve, so any visitor can get two items*, one large and one small. Those items I don't need, but they work really well, and are a big surprise for the visitor. We also have QR codes, for an audio tour, with no proprietary app needed. Also, we obviously have Wi-Fi.
I have Podsvechnik. I have Chashka. And yet they are on the shelf, safe and sound. While that's great for a masterpiece, they could theoretically serve function. So that's what I did.#ArtAlive: Making sure art also works as a tool. by Kurlov
Solnechnoe Zatmenie by Kurlov
This artwork is called "Solnechnoe Zatmenie". That means 'solar eclipse' in Russian. It doesn't look like an actual solar eclipse, does it? Well, let me explain.
    I made this a while back. Originally, it was a vinyl record which refused to play. So, I decided, instead of throwing it away, to make something out of it. So, I used clay and other materials to make the sun, cheerfully smiling, participating in a festivity of the solar eclipse. That's basically it.
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    So, I have a gallery. It's where all my art is stored. And it's private. Only I and special guests have access to it, infact, it's in an undisclosed location. I really want to open up my gallery. Of course, I have hosted one exhibition in my lifetime, The Kurlov Gallery Exhibition 2014, which lasted 2 days. 100 people attended. But I want even more.
    While the gallery must become big to make this change happen, I already do have a concept for it. So, I'm sharing it.
    This is by no means happening yet, so I'll say it again, this is a concept.
    The gallery is a large space, with the main hall and the VR hall. It is run 100% by renewable energy. It will also feature a rooftop garden. There are two projectors beaming Robert making art on the walls. The gallery has a free app, for audioguides. There are two fridges, where you can get drinks from, or leave your own at. There will be a separate room, dedicated to the history of the gallery, in which each visitor gets to wear a virtual reality headset, which shows a video of the gallery changing over the years. The "Permanent" exhibition is a constantly growing art collection. There is a small space dedicated to incredible but undiscovered artists.
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Rozy by Kurlov
This is Rozy. It's a very precious concept.

    It seems like I would call this a true painting, but it's just a concept. It's a concept I call "Water Flow". Art always seems to want to expand, and this is a true representation of it.
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I started working on this a month ago. Every week, I sat there and engraved thoroughly. The result became a depth rich masterpiece.
Slony by Kurlov

You can see that not everything is engraved thinly, but the intention was to give a strong sense of context. You can abstractly see two elephants, one big and one little, walking on their way to get water. It's as simple as that. Enjoy this new artwork.
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Druzya by Kurlov

Meet #Druzya, the most advanced of the advanced. This is a scratchboard of a cat and a dog being friends.

    I started this project in Early December and finished it just a week ago. Because of practice and the choice of material it absorbed scratches easier which made the process much faster.

    This masterpiece actually has 10000 scratches, which is twice as much as Sobachki. Of course, you can't notice that unless you see it in front of you, in the Kurlov Gallery.

    Sobachki was great because it could change colour. This one however, has real copper in the scratched out elements, which makes a classy look. Fun fact: My USB drive for Kurlov Gallery is also made out of real copper.
It's really weird to find something that's been there for so long. It happened to me that 2 days before the New Year, two artworks appear out of nowhere.

Drugoy Dom by Kurlov

Okno by Kurlov
   Zamechatelny den by Kurlov

    As you probably may know, yesterday I uploaded Zamechatelny den, something done on a computer using dA muro. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I will continue making digital art in the future. Zamechatelny Den is based on a crazy day for me, yesterday. It was sunny while there was a flood and everyone was happy and then became sad.
    Digital art interests me a lot. The only problem for me is that it can't be original. The original image is made for you, and the one for me is a copy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy me making digital art.
Sobachki by Kurlov
This is the most advanced scratchboard yet. It changes colour.

Watch the process of making Sobachki:

Work on Sobachki has started August 2014, ended October 2014.