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Thoughts On BLADE RUNNER 2049

When I first heard about this movie I was hesitant, and felt belated sequels were never good.

Around 2017, I suffered the tradegy of losing my father.  My brother and I were couped up in our apartment, grieving.  Then, one day we decided to head out and start living again. We heard this movie got good reviews and I remembered my policy "the only judge if a movie is good or not is yourself". 

So, we gave it a shot, being fans of the classic first movie.

SPOILER ALERT to any whom haven't seen this yet.

The atmosphere and the mood REALLY captured it's predecessor.  Ryan Gosling was superb as K, I also wish to give top marks to Dave Bautista's Sapper Morton in the opening act.  Jared Leto played Niander Wallace, of the Wallace Corporation, replacing the Tyrell Corporation that went bankrupt inbetween the films. This character had a full on god complex!  And it worked greatly for this antagonist.
The mystery of a replicant giving birth, I was shocked, didn't think something like that was possible.  And the replicant responsible...from an old Voight Kampf test, I knew immediately who it was.  So many twists and turns, kept you guessing. I also must commend the more noir and bleak Los Angeles of 2049 and what was once Las Vegas.
With that, I was so stoked and glad Harrison Ford returned to one of his iconic roles. And when K entered the room with the piano, Deckard's first words: You mightn't happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now? Would you boy?
That line is from Treasure Island, and I remember from cut footage of the first Blade Runner, Holden, the guy who got blased by Leon, was in a stasis chamber because "he can breathe as long as no one unplugs him".  When Deckard visits him, Holden was reading Treasure Island.

And the way Deckard steps out of the shadows, with a 2019 LAPD blaster.  It may not seem like much but I feel that was a great reemergance of a classic scifi character.

The dialogue between K and Deckard about the final pieces of the mystery was acting at it's finest.  And I loved Harrison's last bit of dialogue explaining why he didn't want to search for his child, not just out of fear of being found and experimented on by the Wallace Corporation:

 "Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger."

When captured and taken before Wallace, he tries to get Deckard to cooperate with a replicant duplicate of Rachel, and with the special effects, my god, it was a spitting image of the actress directly from the first film.

I'm ending the spoilers there. And I wish to say I'm glad that 2049 proved me wrong about belated sequels, actually "Finding Dory" was the first belated sequel that earned my praises, cause of course, huge Nemo fan.

The awards this film won are well deserved. And the maraschino cherry on top was in the end, where K was dying and Deckard reunited with his child, the infamous "Tears In the Rain" track from Vangelis is playing.  That track...always touches my soul.

Does anyone else agree with my thoughts on this movie?  If not, I understand completely and respect your opinions, in return I hope you'll respect mine.

 Happy 5th Anniversary, Blade Runner 2049

And I am SO stoked for the Blade Runner RPG thats coming out this year.

Blade Runner 2049 © Alcon Media Group; Columbia Pictures; Warner Brothers Pictures.

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