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Photoshop Sparkle Brush Set

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By kurisutaru   |   Watch
Published: September 9, 2003
Made in CS2
14 Brush's total



A link back to my main gallery (you don't have to link back directly to this) in image description would be peachy
A link here showing what you created with them would be peachy
Taking a few moments of your time to look at the REST of my gallery would be SUPER peachy!
Rather than coming in via search or such and 'faving/DLing and run'. That is not peachy :(

Please DO NOT
Re-upload this set elsewhere.
Add these to a collection that is posted up for download.
Try and say you made them. While I know some are far from original looking, most were hand drawn by me.


This is what you get when you're bored.
In coloring one of my drawings I had wanted to put a star or 'sparkle' on it. But found that the brushes for such a thing that came with PhotoShop well... sucked. You only had three or so to pick from. I looked around on the web to see if there were any for download.. finding none that I liked.. I chose to make my own.

Well it's where I got into doing this. I was just gona make one or two. But well, boredom set in and I just started designing different types of star and sparkle brushes.


Copyright © Kurisutaru
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Thank you for sharing!

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NylosethHobbyist Digital Artist
I plan to use these in future art pieces.  If I remember to, I will be sure to link back to here.  These look pretty awesome.  I'll also watch you so I can check out future arts made by you.  I'm forgetful sometimes but I do not plan to add these to a collection, just use them for personal artworks.  Thank you for making these. :)
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File not opening on Mac? Broken link.
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kurisutaruHobbyist Digital Artist
You don't 'open' the file, you drop it into photoshop's brush folder and load them inside. 
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Thank you. I tried that and get an error code, 'Unable to expand "Sparkles01 by Kurisutaru.abr' into 'Brushes'. (Error 32 - Broken pipe.)
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I cannot open the file for use in photoshop can someone help me
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Noble-MaidenStudent Digital Artist
Thank you. ^^ COMMISSION - Nebula by Noble-Maiden
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thank you for using your sparkle brush here -> Sailor Moon ...in love
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Well Thank You for your boredom~and of course your Brushes!
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6Stain9Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!! :)
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ArcticPetalHobbyist Digital Artist
Used again: arcticpetal.deviantart.com/art…

And will use forever
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Thank u for sharing!! 
Thanks for sharing... will be using the sparkles to enhance the illustration of Our Lady of Fatima... 
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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist
Using it again here: :)

Christmas' Festivity by SlytherclawPadawan
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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist
Using it here: :)

Holiday Card from Chat Noir II by SlytherclawPadawan
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DTElaineHobbyist Interface Designer
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HoniBunnyHobbyist Artist
thanks >///<
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