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Okay, I was chatting with a friend on MSN, and she was curious as to what Tidus would have looked like as an Aeon is Yuna had gone through with the Final Summoning. We decided that he would be Leviathan, cuz A: He plays blitzball = losta water and B: There was no water based Aeon in FFX. *shrugs* I was more interested in the fayth statue than the actual aeon, but if I have the time, I'm gonna try and draw the actual aeon for her, and also cuz I'm a wee bit curious. ^^
The muscles killed me. I swear, I'm gonna dream of strange lumps moving under someone's back tonight. *shudders* Urk, note to self "Never draw another complexly muscled chara until getting anatomy lessons".
Leviathan FFX -
Tidus FFX - square-enix

EDIT: I might redo this, cuz I noticed someat wrong wit his posture, but this might take a while, cuz I really don't wanna work with evil muscles again. >_<
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this just made me thinking of a wonderful "What if Scenario." Thank you.
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I have classified this drawing as one of my "timeless favorites."  I love this piece and the thought processes that produced this lovely work.
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Aw, thank you, that's lovely! ^/////^
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I AGREE !!!!!!! I Wish YUNA has Leviathan Aeon since in FF X , they have 4 elements which are, Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water.. But there's no Water element Aeon... that's makes me sad.. I'm happy with this...
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I was thinking more of a Siren based aeon.
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Nice job. I kind of missed having Leviathan in FFX...
the muscles arent that bad but they are kinda distracting, but its the concept that really rocked it and the colorjob is excellent too kudos
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I think the creepy muscles add to the creepy aeon look
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Nice work! I also think that Leviathan is the Aeon Supreme right for the character Tidus =)


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Muscles are evil, I completely agree...
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Oh, wow...That detail is mindblowing! It looks like gameart from a professional! Nice choice with Leviathan, too!
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Awesome! I love all the Fayth murals, and I never really thought of one for Tidus. Very original, following closely with the actual artist designs for the other Fayth. To me it shares aspects of Ifrit's, Bahamut's, and Yojimo's(the sword).
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Wow, this is great!
Now wouldn't that have been ironic if he had been the final aeon? He would have killed the love of his life.:(
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Ooh! Definitely dig this!
You should do one for each of the characters. haha
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That's is a good idea ^°¬°^
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Yea, that would've been AWESOME if Tidus was that! :D
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This is a very interesting picture. I really like it a lot :D
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I agree with you, (Description) since his sword is all Water-y lookin, with a Dragon snout on it, and since Tidus is a Water freak himself xP but Yeah this is awesome :D Great Job :D
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I love this! I was so sad when there was no Leviathan in FFX, but I love this picture, seriously. Leviathan is my fav Summon, excellent job!
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i all ways loved those aeon "statues" ;) i think that they are very hard to draw. you got the anomaty <3
I see tidus as a fayth all the time but, this is one of the better pieces ive seen. Rock on!
That's awesome XD Would be cool to see witl all the FFX main charakters^^, (sorry for the wrong spelling)
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