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Faithful to the End
When the lurking emptiness sets in
Once I've finally been outrun
Like the end of a story, inevitably, closing in
I told her I'd wait for her end to come
No matter how many eons I'd live to see
I'd wait patiently as her lover should
Behind a closed door, without a key
afraid to enter alone--even if I could
But standing amidst this people sea
weighed down by their polluted sins
I flinch whenever they walk through me
My existence a mere paper thin
Their screams echo from the seams
withholding tears between gritted teeth
I cringe as I count the coming years
When will it be her turn for death?
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The clocks disturb
the quiet night
with their tick tock tick tock
sounds of flight
The flow of time
so quick, so slow
holds our lives
as the heat the snow
The ring of life
spinning round and round
never does it stop
it keeps it bound
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Morosive Fall
We fall into the piles of leaves
fallen from the withering trees
Once alive, and once refreshed,
now dried by the nearing death
We watch as the birds fly by
gliding through the darkened sky
Herded together, and in course,
leaving home without remorse
We sigh in sadness to this all,
mourning for the summer before
Gazing as we reminisce
the glazed summer losing to Autumn's kiss
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The Self
The self recedes to make space for the urgent,
To give room for the latent,
And to welcome the impatient.
His stature is confident,
His manner is matter of fact,
And his demands are absolute.
The self does not cower so much as it allows,
It does not matter, it thinks,
After all, who can resist a restful sleep?
But the self will not awaken,
It will not be given the chance,
For he is now all consuming.
Next time, it thinks,
And the self shuffles back to sleep,
He will die, and I with him.
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Lovely is the day Grace braces me
Lovely would her scent be
Lovely is the smile she graces YOU
Lovely is the song she sings
Lovely would I be to Grace
if only Grace would look at me
Lovely would be our embrace
if she ever touches me
Lovely is the day
Grace takes care of me
She'll end my worries
For eternity
...But Grace,
getting lower, and lower?
Why is heaven,
so full of SORROW?
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Chip in my Shoulder
What if I gave you a name?
my chip in my shoulder
What if we played a little game?
Hide and seek. Hide and seek.
One two a hundred
Where are you Chip?
I'm coming to GET YOU
show me where you are!
Little chip, little chip
I'm coming for you!
Your time has come
And the clock strikes ten
One two ten
Doom is nigh
Little chip Little chip
How long can you hide?
Are you in my shoulder?
Are you near my back?
Are you where it's bony?
Are you where there's flesh?
Little chip, where are you?
How did you dive?
Digging deeper, deeper red,
My fingers are drenched.
Little chip little chip
How could you cry?
This pool is nothing,
to the name I could find:
:iconkuriku:kuriku 1 0
In my mind, I am but a splinter of my ideal self.
In my mind, there is an everlasting battle between my egos.
My mind, is the self-absorbed existence called "I".
The battle is hot and cold,from
fighting blindly in the sweltering jungle
to a standstill in the cold trenches.
Sometimes, we seek an amiable peace.
Other times, we fearlessly abuse strategem
to the bitter end.
Success, to me, is always bitter--sweet.
Failure is unacceptable,and
the war begins again.
But lovely
is when war ends
is the day I'm right
Lovely is the moment
I cry
Because in my wasted mind,
in my forbidden rooms
in my shackled heart
there lives Weakness.
Head buried in my busom,
Ears open only to moans,
Eyes too salted to see.
She is plagued by Paranoia
Haunted by Chaos
Tempted by Hades,
and everquestioning her existence,
her meaning,
her weak purpose.
You are a thorn,
Stuck in my achilles
You are a friend,
Who is ever loyal.
Because Weakness,
You don't need me,
As much as I you.
Without W
:iconkuriku:kuriku 1 0
My Own Home
In the silence of my empty home
Teardrops fall, with no echo
salty flumes were barely shone
and we all move, with no shadow
In the stillness of my own home
There is no presence, but I, alone
the air is chilling, to the bone
and in my bed, I pray for home
In the bosom of my own home
you are missing, from this room
the scent is feint, but your cologne
lingers while you've gone to roam
For in my bosom is my home
and in my home, I alone
sit, and wait, for you to come
home, to me, my only one.
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Current Residence: Alhambra, CA, USA
Favourite genre of music: asian(cpop, jpop, jrock, kpop), emo, alternative rock
Favourite style of art: Sketchy comic-ink, japanese anime/manga
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
MP3 player of choice: Winamp, Windows Media Player
Favourite cartoon character: Kiba(N), Kyo(FB), Joe(BT), Zechs(GW)
Personal Quote: It doesn't matter how you live life, as long as you're alive.


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