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Tablet Lineart Tutorial

By kuridoki
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Update: 15th June 2010

As I am too busy, It will be hard for me to reply to comments on this page. However, if the issue is really pressing, you're free to note me, and I will do my best to answer.

Let's help each other! If you see a question on this page that you can answer, feel free to help out. You'll have all our gratitude. :love:


Take note before beginning the tutorial:
1. You must have a tablet. Wacom is a popular and reliable brand for the most part. For beginners, I'd suggest a Bamboo Fun model.

2. For photoshop, only version 7.0 and up has wacom support. For other software, please check [link] to see if yours has the right support.

3. Also, please ensure you have your tablet drivers are installed. If yours is a wacom model you can download them from the wacom homepage at [link]


I've received quite a number of question regarding my work, one of them being "How DO you do your lineart?" Hopefully, this tutorial will answer that question.

This is a BEGINNER LEVEL TUTORIAL that was done in Photoshop CS, but should work for any version with tablet capabilities. Even if you dont use photoshop, the fundamentals are the same.

Please tell me if it helps, and if I should do a colour tutorial. (I am considering it, but its ALOT of work.)
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Can this work with elements?
AlectoDark's avatar
Thanks a lot, without this I would never check those settings in ps... you can`t imagine how munch hard time i had  before i found this tuto :D
whitneymorris's avatar
I just started using a tablet and I'm having a strange issue! My lines aren't tapering off to a point like they should. If you look at this sketch I did recently(, it's really obvious in the hair strokes. The ends look like nibs. I don't get what I'm doing wrong. Someone please help. ;.;
LunarRosesWolf's avatar
Thank you very much, this helped me a lot :heart:
Lunangel07's avatar
Thank you very much <33
videogamehunter's avatar
I have a problem. I'm on Step 3 and I don't see other dynamics in my Photoshop.  
Sneakykangerooman100's avatar
Interesting tip working at a high res then downsizing for cleaner line art, thanks!
Animefan-279's avatar
Would a laptop tablet screen work as well as a Wacom tablet?
ani67's avatar
woww..  really helped... I just bought my bamboo one :)
NinjaxSketcheartx's avatar
You see, I'd love to do stuff like this, I just don't have the patience. Thanks for the tutorial anyway
Amaliex's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial!! :iconheartrollplz:
angelneko88's avatar
I have to thank you for this great tutorial! I finished my first good piece of tablet work now!

Krizker's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial C: finally I can do the lines with the proper accuracy.
XD003AMO's avatar
Oh my god soooo helpful!!!
kathrynslee's avatar
BTW. what's the best tablet Brand will I buy? ??????
kuridoki's avatar
I highly recommend Wacom brand tablets. They have tablets for all budgets, and are generally very reliable and well supported. : )
kathrynslee's avatar
ahh. i see. thx btw.:D:D
thecuteprincess4ever's avatar
Nice tutorial!
I have made a lineart-everyone is free to colour it-[link]
SakiSama's avatar
In step 3 I made all the thing you said...but my brush preview doesn't look like the one here :c someone can help me?
sry for my english xD
Sarita-MyWorld's avatar
Really helpful, thanks ! :)
But I tried to do lines with different pressures (to do different opacities), but it doesn't work (Step 3)... Maybe because I don't have practise ? I don't have a Wacom tablet but I have Photoshop CS6.
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Please can I have permission to post this tutorial at The DreamEvil Network.Com ? with your name and a link
back to your DA profile? its a fab tut :)
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How did you manage to make or pull out the brush figure at (C.) (I'm currently typing and not on drawing mode(using tablet), did you do it or does photoshop have it (preview mode)?
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Your messy line explanation gave me hope!
I always wondered how people could do such smooth lines on PS.

Thanks for the tut!!
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