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I decided to just upload the entire set as one deviation. (Sorry to those who faved the King and Emperor m(_ _)m).

This set was done for school work where we had to create a set of images of our choosing. (I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels a bit insecure about using anime style for school), so I decided to try out a completely new style this time. It was really fun.

The set is called Spoiled Royal, and comprises of "The Princess", the "Little Emperor" and "The King (jr.)". It's supposed to be about children who are products of some of the more distasteful parenting methods.

"The Princess" pokes fun at the "Princess" culture in the upbringing of little girls.

"Little Emperor" represents the chinese phrase "小皇帝" (xiao huang di). A "syndrome" where modern chinese children are treated like kings by their parents as they are the only child.

"The King (Jr.)" makes fun and at the same time highlights the dangers of fast food culture.

I used a very different painting style this time, as compared to my super-neat lineart and colouring style. I wanted to push myself but at the same time give myself a bit more of a challenge, so I didn't use even half as many layers as I normall do. It was basically a lot of trial and error.

Anyways, I know this is a lot different from my usual work, but I hope you still enjoy it!

Everything in Photoshop CS5 with wacom Bamboo Fun tablet.
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May I use this for a post on my personal blog? I don't have a huge following or anything, it just illustrates my point very well.