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Mikasa Ackerman: Stronger than all of you

ミカサ ッカーマン / Mikasa Ackerman, fighting for everyone's sake (sort of) as she goes slightly suicidal after learning of Eren's death. I love her to bits, and Shingeki no Kyojin is currently one of my favorite.

Costume/Cosplay/Concept: ~kuricurry
Photography/PP: ~Os-Harmonixer

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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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That is one of the best 3DMG I've seen, do you have a tutorial on how you made it? Usually no one ever makes those rear suspenders but yours looks perfect.
HadleysH0PE's avatar
Now that's awesome!
kuricurry's avatar
Why thank you very much!
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kuricurry's avatar
Thank you! I appreciate it! :w00t:
hexlord's avatar
I hope to visit Corrigedor Island~ Nice cosplay too~ XD
kuricurry's avatar
Oh wow, 
It's an honor sir! And may you have an awesome travel when you get there.
It's a beautiful place.
hexlord's avatar
I see! Yeah I will be around Manila for Fantasy Quest 3, see you there if you are going. :D
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This photo is stunning! I :heart: it! :D

I love the location, and how polished your costume & props are. :meow: My only critique would be the blood(?) on your gear is too polished imho. I'm guessing you were going for a used gear, hence the blood? :? Though it seemed a little bit artificial if the one you're holding has blood but the other parts of the gear looks new and clean.

Nevertheless, this is an impressive cosplay! :headbang:
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Hmm, I was going in for the 'fresh kill' effect.

But I can see your point, I suppose I could've done a little weathered effect on the props. Thus matching the processing with the blood.
Thank you very much for such a really well put comment.

:innocent: I appreciate it!
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Wow, this cosplay ! I would love to see you in reality <3
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Thank you very much! :innocent:
And likewise, that'd be cool to meet a friend via FB! :w00t:
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god that is an awesome cosplay i love shingeki no kyojin
how did u do the 3d maneuver gear that must have been hard !! all these details!! very nice i've been thinkin about cosplaying someone from shingeki no kyojin too ( somewhen in faaar future xD) but i doubt that it will look as professional as yours does !!!
kuricurry's avatar
Wow, thank you!
I really love the series as well. :heart:
And yeah, that 3DMG was a hell load of work. I was even bitching about the wet paint the morning of the shoot as I crammed some of it. :rofl:
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It looks very nice
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Then obliterate a titan army plz or we are all doomed.
kuricurry's avatar
:XD: Can I just give up instead?
SmashBros2008's avatar
Uh.. ok fine, well get uh.. Revi to kill em instead.XD:iconreviplz:
kuricurry's avatar
I think that worked well. :heart:
haha, that Lance Corporal.
SmashBros2008's avatar
Hehe indeed.XD:iconomgboomplz: Yup, pwned.:XD:
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