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Satellite City OC Sugar
Hello Everyone I would like introduce to you a new Satellite City OC. Meet Sugar! She's one of the Hybrid Experiments that Ludwig and his friends were doing, she ended up escaping due to another Hybrid escaping in just the nick of time. But what they didn't realize is that Sugar is very Intelligent and knows the basic feelings such as, happiness, sadness, and most importantly Love. She is truly one of a kind indeed. She can't talk yet but she makes cute little noises similar to Kilala from Inuyasha. When the wind blows or someone throws her, her ears expand like a parachute so she was glide away to safety. Almost like a Sugar Glider, but when she's in the air her instincts kick in therefore releasing her Kivouack survival half, making her eyes and gem change color. The Gem on her tail allows her to transform into other Kivouack that she remembers seeing, easy to get through without being caught and get information. Her gem also allows her to heal herself and others and it also jingles, similar to a bell. The cute thing about her is that she can fit into a pocket and a regular sized tea cup, she loves to eat apples, drink Hot Chocolate, and sleeping in fresh clean socks. She is two years old and she just wants to make people happy, so she just rolls around looking cute to put smiles on others faces. She also lives with Luna which she calls her "Mama Luna" and Yeshua "Mean-shua". She meets Luna one day just sitting around looking sad due to her losing Bob, so she knew it was up to her to make her happy. For her being a hybrid she's very much a Kivouack than they think.
Splatoon OC'S
Hello Everybody! So I've been a fan of Splatoon for awhile and I see a lot of people love it too. So I decided to make two OC's based on the game, Meet Pacy (short for Pacific Ocean) ad Splatina. Splatina is quite a normal Octoling that lives in Inkopolis with her dear friend Pacy. Splatina used to live with her parents but due to her being strange her parents let her live with her Uncle and Aunt in Inkopolis. Pacy and her have never been a part since Splatina's father was the one who found Pacy on one of his missions when they were little kids. Splatina always hid Pacy in her bag, since the place where Octolings lived didn't really allow squids. Since Splatina has been living in Inkopolis she loves going to watch Turf Wars, she always wanted to join one, but she had her own life to handle. She makes posters for upcoming events and fixes gear on the side. Of course she makes friends when they go to her place to get their gear fixed, but she's always been busy to hang out. Pacy always tries to make her go out and make friends, but she could never argue with her. She wants to go out but due to her being stuck in her squid form it was kind of difficult, she always stays in her paint bucket until they go out. Other than being helpful to the Inkopolis events they enjoy their life just to same, even if they did have a rough start. They have a better beginning now.
Fnaf- The Night Child pg.15
Finally a new page! Sorry for a long wait everybody, but we're finally getting back into the flow of it! So the question is, who are they going to go meet? The Night guard? or something much more than him? Tell me who you think they're going to meet. See Ya'll Later!
Pokemon- Mew's Room
Mewtwo couldn't help but look at his own baby sister in shock. Why was she doing all this? What was the reason? Mewtwo knelled down to Strawberry and they were both teleported into Mew's hidden dimension. Mewtwo blinked a few times and looked around, knowing his sister she wouldn't want a place that looked so dull. She enjoyed things bright and cheery, he didn't understand. "M-Mewtwo i-i'm so sorry." Strawberry said as she was crying, Mewtwo moved closer and reached out to hold her but she backed away from him. Mewtwo frowned and he respected her with the choice to back away, she was the glitch of this whole problem. "Strawberry please. I don't understand. Why are you doing this?" he asked as Strawberry looked down, "I didn't mean too...I-I was angry. You were all focused on Lucinda. Where were you when I needed you most Mewtwo? You weren't there...I-I just...wanted to spend time with you." she said as she began to cry and glitch out more. Mewtwo began to panic, the more she got upset the more she was fading out of existence. Mewtwo came up with an idea, he just hope it wasn't to late for it to work. "Hey sis. To make up for it, how about we play a game? Any game you want. To make you happy." he said as Strawberry looked at him, she rubbed her eyes and forced a smile on her face. After an hour or two everything seemed to be going fine, Strawberry's glitching had finally settled and Mewtwo felt better than ever. He felt like his normal self before the glitching attacks ever started. Maybe things finally taken turns for the better. After their playtime they returned home where everyone was back in the house, Kira was cleaning Devo's poke'ball while everyone was warming up due to the wind and rain. Kira turned around to see Mewtwo and smiled softly, "Lucy really missed you Mewtwo." she said as Mewtwo sat down on the couch, "I missed her too. I can't believe I was gone for so long." he said as he sighed in disappointment. Kira got up and pulled out her phone from her messenger bag and gave it to Mewtwo, "I recorded everything for you. So you didn't miss everything." she said as she went to the kitchen to get dinner ready. Mewtwo started watching the videos of everything that he missed, Lucy's first steps, her first words, her first training session. Everything. Even though Lucinda may not be with them, he knew that she saw it all. Mewtwo smiled as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Maybe he future will hold things better for them.
Pokemon Season 3- Sneak Peek
Hey guys so I know I have been lacking with the Poke'mon series, fnaf, etc. But i'm doing the best I can to fit it in with my schedule. So as a thanks for you guys being so patient. Heres a sneak peek for Season 3 of the Glitch Saga of my Poke'mon Series. You guys will like it and i'm going to step up my game with it a little. So meet Volcan the Charmeleon and Poi the Poipole, they are the two members of the party so far in season three. I'm going to leave the rest of the thinking up to you guys for what might happen in Season 3. See Ya'll Later!
Satellite City OC- Yeshana by kurichakira
    It was chilly sunny morning, Yeshana had just woken up from her slumber. She ruffled her fur as some ice chips fell to the floor, she climbed out of her hiding spot as he sun rise greeted her. She stood up and stretched but winced at the pain in her sides where her two lower arms used to be. It was thanks to Mandus that she was like this...she hated much as she hated her brother Yeshua...Back in their home world, Yeshana and Yeshua were very close, they went everywhere together and did everything like a brother and sister should. But as they got older Yeshua was more into going to parties and having fun with Luna, while Yeshana was always at home alone. Yeshua always told her that he needed his 'alone time'. Yeshana would be alone and she would always hear someone get killed or any scary sounds. It all messed with her head and it almost drove her insane until one day she met Shuck. Of course they were curious about each other, but that just made them get to know each other faster. Shuck had just finished his daily killing and as much as him and Yeshua didn't get along, there was something about Yeshana that he liked. About how much she is the total opposite of her brother, he would let her live. Besides he liked her company. Yeshana had told Shuck about she had been feeling without Yeshua and how she felt alone. Shuck kind of understood since he was alone as well, of course he had some friends but they were busy with their roles in their lives. They became best friends after a few weeks and they started hanging out more and they never kept secrets from each other, they told each other everything. 

It had been almost a year since Yeshana had met shuck, and they were going out to celebrate her 19th birthday, while Yeshua was in Vegas with Luna having another party. Yeshana didn't really care what Yeshua did anymore, if he wanted to party instead and just forget about her? then by all means. He can do what he wants. Yeshana and Shuck were hanging just outside the city enjoying some bread that Shuck had stolen from a food cart. They laughed and told each other funny things that happened in their lives, then Shuck said he had a surprise for her. But he had to go into town to get it, she nodded and waited for Shuck to return. Yeshana laid down on the ground and looked at the blood red sky, she smiled and knew that this couldn't get any better. But...she thought wrong. She started hearing footsteps as she sat up straight and was face to face with Dizzy Jones himself, Yeshana was about to run but he held her in his grasp. Yeshana was screaming for Shuck or anyone to help her. She needed her brother, she needed him more than ever, Shuck had told her everything about Dizzy Jones. He was not a force to be reckoned with.

A few moments later Shuck had returned to the spot where he and Yeshana were celebrating, he had stolen a diamond necklace from Fontaine's Casino. She deserved it more than the Casino did, it was just collect dust with no meaning. At least he knows it would be put into good use. He looked around and couldn't find her anywhere, he called out for her with a worried tone. He then smelled 'HIS' scent. His emotions went from worried to Anger and Hatred. He had to let Ludwig know about this, he was the Grand Voice after all. He ran to Ludwig's house as fast as he could, he banged on the door and Ludwig's Assistant Maria had opened the door. "Shuck? What's going on? What's the matter?" she asked as Shuck pushed himself in, "Ludwig! We have a problem!" Shuck said with anger in his tone. Ludwig came out of his study filled with caution, "Shuck, what is going on?" he asked as Shuck explained everything. Ludwig grew some frustration as he told Wexel to send out search parties, and for Quinn to send the Message to all the Settlements. Quinn said goodbye to Maria promising that he would be back soon as they nuzzled noses. Shuck looked at the Diamond that he had taken and wanted to find Yeshana more than anything. He felt empty without her. He couldn't lose her to the likes of Dizzy Jones.

Months had gone by, and Yeshana was still in the capture of Dizzy Jones. She had been tortured so much that she was surprised that she wasn't dead yet. Dizzy had ripped off her lower arms and two of her five tails. The pain was unbearable...with the amount of blood loss she had passed out for hours, or even a day or two. She wanted to go her her Brother... Her ears shot up as she heard the cell door open, she saw Dizzy Jones walk in. She was afraid for her life, but she tried to not express it. "So Yeshana, still think your brother is going to save you? Do you think he still cares?" he said as Yeshanna didn't reply. Dizzy had pulled out a tablet showing Yeshana footage of where Yeshua was, he was sitting at bars. Drinking like it was the end of the world. But his expression...he looked broken and not a sense of care in his eyes. Yeshana tried so hard not to cry, her only brother wasn't looking for her at all. Until Dizzy played the Audio of Yeshua sitting at the bar. "I don't care anymore. Yeshana is gone. Let me just sit here and enjoy myself Luna. A new life without my sister." Yeshua said. Yeshana couldn't believe that she would hear him say such a thing...her own brother...her own blood. After Jones left Yeshana broke down in tears, she was abandoned by her own brother. She had heard through the door by Jones's followers that Ludwig had sent out search parties and she knew Shuck had something to do with it. But her own brother didn't give a damn. She had to escape and with her determination and anger she broke the cinder block wall which led directly to outside. She ran, she ran so fast she didn't care where she ended up. She just needed to escape Jones.

Yeshana snapped back into reality, remembering those days gave her a migraine. But she needed to find her friends first, if she finds Quinn then she knows that Shuck would be near. She didn't want to face her brother anytime soon, all she knows is that if Luna is near so is Yeshua. Yeshana climbed to the roof top of one of the houses and looked around, she knew where she was and she was able to pick up some smells of her friends. She lifted her ears up to try to pick up sound waves, it took a moment. Then she heard a voice that made her heart beat with happiness, it was shuck and he was with Lucy Lacemaker. She couldn't wait to see him, she just hoped he hadn't forgotten about her...about them. She jumped off from roof top to roof top to try to reach Shuck's location, her heart was beating so fast. She found the house where Shuck was walking around outside, just enjoying the air but laying in the dirt being lazy. The same old shuck that she cared for back then that she still cared for now. Maybe things will take a turn for the better, even if she did look different. She walked over to to the Shuck and took a deep breath, "Hey Shuck. L-Long time." she said as Shuck looked up quickly with his eyes filled with Shock. Shuck looked at her, he thought he was dreaming and he didn't want to wake up from it. He got up and tackled  her down happily "Yeshana I-I thought you were dead e-everyone was looking for you everywhere! Oh god i'm just glad your alive." he said as his voice was shaking. Yeshana hugged him tightly as she knew that Shuck was the same old Kivouack that she met back then. She knew that within her heart she knew things were going to get better.

Satellite City Characters Belong to- :iconfailsafe272:
Yeshana belongs to- Me


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