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Drawing of Tifa posing.
Nohing else to add. =)
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Tanoko's avatar
Really smooth line work, and i really like the dark heavy shading!
ViroLaruga's avatar
Awesome! I like your play with shades... keep the good work
D-Olson's avatar
killer lines! I dig this!
oerbalightning's avatar
cool drawing, I wish i was that good...
GrayZangfroid's avatar
Ohh! My...dis s so Sexy!:drool:...
1m1g's avatar
Probably one of the best Tifa fanart I've ever seen, and I just love the way she looks
RedWingsDragon's avatar
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Riyonae's avatar
This is really good!
borjen-art's avatar
Wow i love this!!!!!!

browse my gallery too**
Kinetijitsu's avatar
The smaller details are the better ones here. The leather skirt, the hair.
jkhVelius's avatar
Detailed, very. I like it :D
obsessedkitten's avatar
Nice, sure looks like Tifa! ^^
Engirish's avatar
Man she looks so cool. I love her hair and face.
AnimeMangaGoddess's avatar
Pretty spiffy looking
Seimei's avatar
^_^ Very well done... I am especially drawn to her expression.
The-DCG's avatar
Vey nice. Was this all inked digitally? It is very striking. The best part- to me? The attention on the bootlaces. Usually, but the time I'm drawing the shoes, I've gotten tired and/or lazy, and make do with a quick zig-zag pattern. But you didn't, and the care and effort show. Brava!
And yes, this was done digitally.
ChocoboBlue's avatar
Shiny. I love the whole 'perfectly black & white' look, and your attention to detail is just staggering.
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