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Cloud vs Sephiroth

This started with a quick sketch I did on a sketchbook and later scanned so I can render in photoshop.
I spent many hours on this. =)
More than I would have liked to.
There are some stuff I would like to add later on(Way later).
As for now, it's considered done.
The original image is 5610 X 10200 pixels as I meant to print and sell one at the past anime-expo, but didn't.
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Snowflower--Chan00's avatar
This is so beautiful. You captured the emotions very well!
Xehanortrising's avatar
One of the great moments in gaming history
323starlight's avatar
When I got to this part I literally balled my eyes it was so sad
huh, cloud looks a bit like Edward from fma
Liz-AAA's avatar
Weoooh, cloud's cafe is ferry nice :D
awesome work ^^

I got some cool pics, if you are interested... Cloud is dead* *Cloud hovers* and more!!! <3 [link]
Absolhunter251's avatar
OWO!!! OMG!!! Bravo! Barvo! :iconclapplz:! This was super superve job!!! *Adds to fav+ and watch* This is excellent!!! i never get something like that! i want to draw like you! lol. but awesome!!!!!! :iconyayzplz:.

Absolhunter, out!
NCloud's avatar
Great Cloud/Sephiroth art, really cool, love it.
jkhVelius's avatar
AMAZING :D Great job, the expression on Clouds face is so passionate, so full of anger :D Awesome!
Animequeen111's avatar
nice! that look of haterd and sadness in his eyes puts a chill down my spine.
Sephiroth86's avatar
wow i like the fury in clouds eyes and i bet sephiroth was smirking
Cykeclops's avatar
I like this perspective! Good job!
Rune33's avatar
This is good, the only problem is Cloud's face which looks like it a child's face
Advent-Kadaj's avatar
This is everything the crummy PS1 graphics couldn't convey. Splendid job!
Avarim's avatar
I like how you can really see the anger on Cloud's face. The shading and coloring on everything is perfect. I applaud you!
ssj4nivek's avatar
Wow I love it!! it sure have an angrier feeling than the tipical sad emotion everyone the way which programs did you use for this?
saviorseph's avatar
GreyXI's avatar
This, wow, this is amazing!!
Swivils's avatar
Oh, wow! This is really good!
evil-pikey's avatar
the couring is just wow and i agree with choco the dress is amazin, i hope to be getting photoshop soon lol looks like good fun to use :)
ChocoboBlue's avatar
Color composition is just... wow. And again, details! I especially like the little green glow on Cloud, though the shading on Seph's hair and Aerith's dress are my favorite parts.
DMajorBoss's avatar
Wow, this is quite a piece of work that you have done, reflecting the sadness and intensity that was felt during this point in the game. You have quite a talent for creating such pulchritudinous pieces. May you continue to bring forth such wonderous workings.
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