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Tickle Kuri v0.7 (Interactive Tickling Game)

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v0.7 Update! 2 new tools and a *special* interaction!

Kuri lost a bet with you and now is at your mercy in a pair of stocks! Time to have a little fun with those ticklish feet of hers!

If you enjoy what you see, consider leaving a donation. (available under "Support this Game") <3​


  • If game resolution breaks on mobile, turn your phone to landscape view and reload the game.
  • First time load may take a while.

**For iOS users: Run your browser in "reader" or "fullscreen" mode. 

  • Safari: Click the "aA" button on the top left and select "Hide Toolbar"
  • Chrome: Before clicking "Run Game" scroll down a little to hide the toolbar and then click "Run Game".

This game is currently in development. Please report and bugs and feel free to leave suggestions for future features!

changelog :

v0.7 (10-15-2021)

  • Two new tools added: Toothbrush and baby oil
    • New animation set for using toothbrush
    • New speech for using toothbrush
  • Added a special *hidden* interaction
  • Redid arms and hands for Kuri
  • Touched up and corrected assets
  • Added button to hide/show speech
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And can you add tape for her mouth and eyes please

Wait bro you should add that you can ticket her belly button

oh my god it's the best game ever please do more updates man your the best this is my favorite game now 🤣

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How about some footwear?

Excellent game! Just curious, how do we know when we are getting close to the "hidden" interaction?

Can you add a tongue option too👅for the tease part.that will be great👍😛

Awesome! I found a bug in your game, though. After a while, the sprites for the tools disappeared. The game still acted like they were there (Kuri was still reacting to the tools accordingly when my cursor moved over her feet), the tools themselves were just invisible. Not sure what caused it.

Also, I'm working on a tickle game of my own, and I have a suggestion (You don't have to take it, just my two cents): Add different girls to tickle, with each one having different hair, skin color, eye color, etc. Shouldn't be that hard to implement since they'd just be reskins.

Wow! New tickle game...Soudns great and very interesting!!

Она такая щекотливая! (She is so ticklish!) ^^

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Very good game. It is nice to see an artist so actively working on a project like this and open to the community suggestions. However,

I noticed you mentioned in one of your posts that you were strugling with time because of rl things. Maybe it is a weird question but have you considered joining forces with another artist maybe to cooperate in making the game? That could potentially lift some workload off your shoulders and bring more subscribers from cooperating artist channel. Your game is very similar in many ways to a flash game that came out in 2012 made by one of the artist that you watch. Sure flash and html5 are not the same in any way but as far as i know the other guy is swithing to another dev language (not sure withch one tho). Maybe you 2 could work together? Off course after appropriate arrangements are made.

A great update! What are you going to add next time?I'm curious about that.

kuri-dev's avatar

Will be spending a bit of time refactoring the code since I'm bad at programming and the app has gotten a bit too large.

After that, I will try to implement upper-body mode.

this is good, hope to add socks

I would love to be able to interact for the feet lick and bite.

Love the update! The new tools and dialogue are great. That special interaction really starts to tug on my conscience.

Hey Kuri! I keep getting this message: "There was an error with your request" when trying to load your game. Also how do I fix the screen resolution? I can't see her heels or the bottle of lotion.

I'm using Firefox

kuri-dev's avatar seems to be down at the moment.

Are you playing on mobile? Some mobile browsers need to be in fullscreen mode for the game to render properly.

I'm playing on my laptop lol

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Whenever the site comes back up, make sure the window is at maximum and reload the page. If there are still issues, DM me a screenshot and I'll take a look.

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I think the site is dead lel

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good to see you back!

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I'm glad to see this got updated, it's rare to find games like this in general, especially on the play store.

If I may suggest, when you turn off speech, she should have a gag over her mouth, a ball gag or a cleave, which ever one you'd like.

I love the way she begs to tickle her without oil .. Very cool ^^ ;)

Finally !!!!! Otsukare -Sama @kuri-dev

I wanna ask is it possible to made 2 mode, that stock mode and no stock mode?

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