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Panels - Avengers Theme - Update 1.1

By Kureshai
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This skin needs the advent pro font which is downloadable here:…

- Changed it so if your screen is a 16:9 ratio screen, the font size of the  headliners will be set to 32. If it is a 21:9 ratio screen, font size will be 40.
- Bugfixes thanks to a Eclectic Tech.
- Panels.ini has gotten a function, so if you press it with the left mouse button it will move behind the functioning panels. This means, that if the four Avengers themselves aren't in black and white when not hovering above them, panels.ini, which is supposed to be behind it, is above it. Now it just got easier to put it back where it belongs!

Avengers Assemble!

This skin is for those who like to hide their stuff within the desktop itself - and in turn also like wallpapers that are panel-like, like this. 

They all start out as Black and white, yet when hovering over them, they will be granted colour and at the top its name will appear.
Left Clicking will open up its content Illustrated over Captain America, we see the games folder with its content.
If it shows nothing, fear not my good friend. Middlemouse clicking will open up the folder in which you must, with great urgency, copy-paste shortcuts of whichever items you wish it must contain!
So when it comes to the time that you have stashed your gold, a simple left mouse click will initiate what you chose and quickly close it in.
But wait.. What if you opened it up by accident? well my good young lad, an easy right mouse click will close it down without starting anything up.

So to sum it all up.
Left Mouse button - Opens up the stash! - if it is open: Start program and close down the folder.
Middle Mouse Button - Opens up the folder in which you must copy paste shortcuts. Folder must be open for this to work.
Right Mouse Button - Closes down the folder if it is open. 

The Icons in the folder are mostly made by HarryBana here from DeviantArt. Just want to say thanks to him for doing such a great work!

The skin itself is mainly built for a 21:9 aspect ratio screen, but the size of the panels and icons are based on the width of the screen so in theory it should also fit nicely in a 16:9 aspect ratio screen. If you have any feedback I'd gladly receive it. have a good day.

OBS: The image with Ultron isn't part of the pack but it is easy to find via google.
Secondly. the information displayed in the bottom is neither part of this skin.
© 2016 - 2021 Kureshai
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