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(first try) The adorable baby pie sister

"Mm-hmm" That quote is the female big mac of the pie family. And the one of the brake out stars that stole the hearts from most of this fandom

(this is my FIRST try in making marble pie,tell me what ya think^^)
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For a first try, that’s amazing! I thought I was looking at a picture from the show!
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Heh i try, thax^^
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That's a really cute vector. Nice job!Fluttershy dance 
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Heh, she might not be a baby, but she's cute as one.
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Adorable -hugs Marble pie gently- 
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I still can't get over the fact she's the youngest.
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She's barely the youngest... a few minutes younger than Pinkie, which means they are twins. But she'll always be Pinkie's adorable baby sister.

Marble Pie Emoticon mmmmmmmhm : (blushing) Mm-hmm.

Pinkie pie (special pancake) plz : Marble Pie says she agrees.
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She's still the youngest.
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Marble Pie Emoticon mmmmmmmhm : (happy) Mm-hmm.

pinkie pie (boooring) plz : Yeah, what she said. A few minutes makes ALLLLLL the difference. Am I right, Marble? :)

Marble Pie Emoticon mmmmmmmhm : Of course.

Pinkie Pie Scream01 : (big gasp) MARBLE PIE! YOU TALKED! But, but HOW--

Marble Pie Emoticon mmmmmmmhm : I'm just being random, Pinkie. Runs in the family, you know.

Pinkie pie (hmm...good) plz : (hoof to the face) Of COURSE...

Marble Pie Emoticon mmmmmmmhm : (winks at us) Mm-hmm!
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Mission accomplished. She is adorable. 
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indeed she is
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