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How Do You Like Me Now?

(Well she's now reformed and redeemed herself so she's now liked in my books)

(btw Is it wrong that i love doing these poses? )

(AND BEFORE YOU ASK.....yes silver spoon will get one to)

Hope you all like^^
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Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion : Diamond Tiara... stop making fun of me. 

:icondiamondtiarahappyplz: : Huh? 

Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion : You're standing upright like a human. I'm tired of everypony thinking I want to be human.

:icondiamondtiarahappyplz: : But Miss Lyra, you don't walk like a human. You just sit like one on park benches.

Lyra : (suddenly smiles) Oh yeah! I forgot! Thanks, little filly! Gotta go now. I have to sit on said park bench like a human to play my lyre!

Clapping Pony Icon - Diamond Tiara : (smiles and looks at audience) It's a gift.
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As Pinkie Pie would say...

Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz : NAILED IT!!!

The new Diamond Tiara, like Starlight Glimmer after her, is just as cheeky and blunt as before, but now she channels it into helping other ponies instead of destroying them.

:icondiamondtiarahappyplz: : (winks) That's RI-iiiight!
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Do I here Toby Keith playing in the background?
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Thank God!  I thought I was the only one thinking that.
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The mere fact that I like her now STILL baffles me....
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aww,she is really cute my buddy.
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Normally, I would be like, "Oh, it's you again", but now that she got a redemption in S05 E18, I no longer feel bad about her. 
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Well, you are standing upright. 

So there's that.
ever since Crusaders of the lost mark I no longer hate Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon anymore infact ever since that episode those 2 characters grew on me and I finally got to see another side to them and they reformed and for the 1st time ever I felt sorry for Diamond Tiara and it was in the scene where we see wh yshe was a jerk in the past and it was because of her over bearing jerk of a mother Spoiled Rich (more like Spoiled Rotten) abusing her and forcing her to be a jerk just like her and only care about social status and she puts allot of pressure on poor Diamond tiara to be the best at everything and when I heard that song Pony I want to be it was one of the saddest moments because we finally got to see that Diamond Tiara wants to be nicer and wants to have a better life and it has other stuff about her and that moment made me feel for her especially after the scene with her home life with her mom and I'm happy that she reformed and that the cmc helped her reform and I was happy for her when she stood up to her mom and got her to get Filthy Rich to pay for the playground equipment and I'm glad that she's friends with the cmc now
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Meh. I've ALWAYS liked you, DT. :)
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