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(Bronycon) Proud of you

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[Status] Don't Use Artwork by Gasara
"That moment when I see you face to face.
I was waiting my whole life to hear You say
Well done kid, well done.But for you i'll say,
thank you"

(This idea came to me while sleeping one night.It played out exactly as i was making it.Wondering in this strange world thinking "What it this place?" Then something came out of this world and she appeared (Cheesy i know) A sight i never seen before that made me felt happy.(NOT SHIPPING) Quickly i bowed cus alicorn of course but i felt like a mothers touch on my head.I look up,seeing she's got this motherly look on her face and for some reason,i smiled, i swear it was like something i waited my whole life to see....then her saying "Well done" meant something even more.All i can say back whle feeling joy was simply............Thank you"


(Made for the intention of Hopefully getting it signed at bronycon from Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:

Both ponies were made by me
Background made & used :icontollaner: (Hope you don't mind)

hope you all enjoy
Gumball w h y

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I ship it. Lol just kidding. Rainbow Dash Licking gif 
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I’m happy that she created a show that is now for everyone instead of just for the target demographic. I hope she gets to see this at Bronycon 2019 and I can agree that you will be very happy to see her autograph this for you. 

Good luck, have fun, and stay awesome! ^^
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