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November 1, 2012
Alien Space Fighter by ~Kuren
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Alien Space Fighter

It's an alien space fighter! Pew pew pew.

**edit: Thanks for the DD and all the awesome comments guys!
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Super Picture, top Work :) (Smile)
Hey im making a game, and im wondering if you can draw things like planes and vehicles for me to 3d model. I do not have a budget, but once the game is done and released, I will pay you money for either each drawing at a price you and I come to an agreement with, or pay in some other form you wish that I am either comfortable with or can do. If you are considering, please email me at and then there I will explain this in more depth.
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Oh this is really cool, I need to start painting spaceships in ps instead of just on paper...watching your amazing work from now on. :)
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Oh wow this is really amazing, definitely sensing some Mass Effect influence on this one?

Would it be ok if I used this as a representation of a ship concept I am putting together for an RP community? Provided I give the proper citation and links back here of course?

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Well, are you up for requests my friend... I got an Aerospace fighter design that will clean your clocks...
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Very amazing color layout and intriguing theme, with beautiful and interesting elements here and there to make this whole experience of enjoying art worthy of our time. Hope to see more of such works be done and displayed on this website which both you and me and all of us will have a great time viewing and learn just a little bit or a lot from!

Love from Beijing, :kiss: Amazing work!
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great work man!
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Completely awesome dude, great work!

Next time though you might wanna sharpen up the ship in the background a bit, just a thought
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Great looking spaceship!
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Wowwww :la: This is so so SOO Epic!!! Love it! :heart:
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Pretty ship design ^^ Thumbs up
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I really like the design of the ships. And the way it stands out from the background. Yum!
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This is awesome. I love it.
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Absolutely incredible piece
Congratulations on your Daily Deviation :clap:
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amazing design!
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Great sound effects :)

Love the image also. What medium(s) did you use to create it?
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Spaceships are awesome!
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Pew pew pew EPIC

instant EPIC

Congradates on your DD ^^
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