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Ray the Flying Squirrel - Jitters concept

Concept doodle for Ray, debuting in the Sonic Universe "All For One" arc.

Most of the thinking that went into this was in response to common complaints regarding poor Ray's previous design. With that stuff in mind, I got rid of the jacket, brought back his wing-flaps (so he no longer just defies gravity through apparent sheer force of will), made his bangs closer to his original SegaSonic design (so he looks less like Tails) and make his muzzle/tummy/ears darker as they were in his original look (personally, I think the stronger contrast on the yellow just looks better on him). While they're not necessarily the most original accessories, I felt the goggles and scarf were fitting for a flying character (Charmy already has a flight helmet, and Saffron a bomber jacket, so I didn't want to overlap) and suit his relatively youthful appearance while fitting in with the Sand Blaster theme (actually, in its original appearance, scarves and goggles seemed to be in fashion in Sand Blast City). I kept the general blue theme 'cause I thought it works well enough and stands out from the rest of his team.

So, yeah. New Ray.
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Scarves and goggles are probably really useful in sandstorms.
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It sort of bugged me that he looked totally different from his original design. But it's now fixed, so it's all good. =3 Still need to get SU #47.........
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Excellent art, Lea. Hardly see much fanart of him.
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Heh, does this even count as fan art?
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I definitely approve of the design changes you've made here for all the reasons that you mention. While the blue jacket didn't really bother me as such, it didn't make a lot of sense, so I can see why people would complain about it. However, blue does work for Ray as far as clothing goes, so I'm glad you kept that theme here for his shoes, gloves and scarf. :D
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Thanks! Yeah, I like the blue on him.
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