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Commission for Crystal-of-Ix

This is :iconcrystal-of-ix: OC Crystal doing a flirty pose~
oh yeahhhhh. :icondealwithitplz: flirty, isn't she? meeheee :P requested to make a cute or flirty pose and thought flirty suits her better than cute :) but gosh, that multicolored hair :iconimdeadplz: that really gave me a tough challenge! but it's worth it! learning process aaaaall the way! :iconblushplz:

star brush texture (background) (c) Coby17 
OC Crystal (c) crystal-of-ix
Art (c) Me kuredesu
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© 2014 - 2022 kuredesu
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crystal-of-ix's avatar
She looks gorgeous!!!!

Her boyfriend is going to be so happy :lmao:

You're lucky; usually the hair's done in coloured pencil.

I'm lazy and just fill it in with a multi-coloured gradient :giggle:

btw, this will be featured in :iconx-friends:, okay? She's a mutant OC, hence the hair :XD:
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thank youuuu! :iconblushingplz: i hope her boyfie's gonna get pleased haha :D no problem hun! nad thank you! ♥
Corichii's avatar
:iconinloveplz: whaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! so amazing Klar!!!!!:iconomgsocuteplz: sooo flirtatious!!!!!!!! hehehehe omgawd so shinieeezzz!!!!!! perfect anatomy!!!!!!! im drowning in envy!!!!!:iconhappytearsplz: THEM FEELZ!!:iconfeelspls: i totally stink at multicolored hair!!!:iconotlplz:
my fave is how u did the eyes!!!! f@#king Dazzling!!!! :iconblushplz:
kuredesu's avatar
kyaaaa~ thank you thank you! :iconsnugplz: i'm glad she still looks gorgeous! nawwww i suck at multicolor hair too! if i were a better artist i could pull off a better one.. but i'm not :iconimdeadplz: ahaha and yeah i love the eyes too! glad they came out flirty too :iconblushingplz: damn i didn't know where this flirty pose came from.. it just came from nowhere haha! maybe i feel flirtatious too lololol! i even showed this one to my boyfriend and he felt the flirt! haha!
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lmaozzz the BF is the best way to find out if u did a great job with flirtatious/sexy theamed pics lolol XD man i cant tell ya how bad i wish i could do multicolored hair!!!!! i think u pulled it off with the bright lively colors :D !!:iconaawplz: YOUR AN AMAZING ARTIST!!! dont ever say that!!!!!!!!!!:iconcraiplz:
kuredesu's avatar
nawwwww~ :iconsnugplz: :iconsweethugplz: :iconadorablehugplz:
thank youuuu Stevi! <3 you always make me inspired! :iconsweethugplz:
Corichii's avatar
:iconheartrollplz: its no problemz Klar!! :iconheartpandaplz: keep up the wonderfulz works!!!!!! i cant wait to see ur next post:iconomgsocuteplz:
LexiSmiles's avatar
Very pretty! I love the colors! That hair though haha. Really nice work friend =)
kuredesu's avatar
:iconimdeadplz: i know, i know TT___TT but I tried my best. i was new to it LOL XD and thank you so much! :iconblushingplz:
LexiSmiles's avatar
OMG I was saying I like the hair silly!
It looks cool =)
And you're welcome =D
kuredesu's avatar
hahaha! I thought you were thinking the same with me! :D
Thank you sweetie! :iconsnugplz:
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