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Armillary sphere

Steampunk themed armillary sphere! finally after hours and hours of test renders and finally i've found the lightning that i'm happy with :)

A must have for interdimensonal dirigible navigation.

The sphere is my own model but the arm is based on Chris Schmidt tutorial from greyscalegorilla blog. The best place to start learning Cinema!
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What does it do?
We have designed and built several armillary spheres as small models for our Great Globe Project where we are designing 3D tiles for kits to be assembled and studied by 10 to 12 year olds.  The Great Globe is at the scale of 1:100,000 - making a fully assembled earth 420 ft in diameter - or 42 stories tall and wide.  The students can assemble their own armillary sphere in the form of a kit - which helps explain the tile numbering system to make a round version of a icasohedron - or twenty sided sphere.  With 10.6 million tiles the Earth model will be as smooth proportionally as the real Earth. All of the tiles and the support pieces to secure them to panels (81 tiles) are made on our 3D printers and laser cutters at EVIT in Mesa, AZ.
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I'd like to create a short story about this image. Your purpose for the image appears to be steampunk navigation, and mine would be different but still related to navigation of sorts. 
This is what I have written so far, just by looking at your beautiful image:

"Juan's life mission is to automatically generate a miniature copy of the Earth. Something he can keep on his night stand. He is a genuine genius who doesn't wish to flaunt his smarts. He wishes to create this miniature Earth's detail down to the microscopic level. This earth is roughly the size of a basketball. It can grow or shrink a little if needed. He often mixes air vibration and bits of magnetic debris and plastic dusts, with samples of leaf DNA and tiny digital fractal math formulas written into the dust itself. But the mixture often scrambles into a ball of glowing dust. It's sort of a hologram, but it's real. There is no life on this tiny earth, he just wants to enjoy the magnificence of the real Earth by looking at his tiny one. In past years he had traveled the globe, discovering many garden cavern hot springs and enchanting locations, and the tiny Earth of his will reflect all those locations, and here is the important just may reveal where far more locations are in the real earth."

So that's what I have so far. Would it be possible, for me to put a thumbnail of this image (and credit you completely for it), on my website in the short stories section?
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what an fantastic art indeed. but many mistakes
But if you look closely, the lightning doesn't fit,
-the focus of light should be that ball inside
-if the lightning comes from the right, the grey paper shadows should've go to the left

by the way, what program did you used?
You model this steampunk ball very nice, with good detail on the orbit
You also have the other details like a constellation map,
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Can I have one?
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I love gyroscopes :D
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Really nice idea. I don't like the texture of the paper to the right though. It doesn't match the quality of the rest of the image. I think you should have something more parchement-like and also not a perfect plane. Fold the corners a bit and it will look much nicer.
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hmm you probably have right :) but it wasn't intended to look like parchment more like a board something like the one on this painting
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Hmm, then you probably should give it some thickness with nice beveled corners. That would look good.
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nice work :) i like this orb in middle cos i need same for my ship's core. would you be so nice and help me with that?
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oki no problem, here is the short recipe how to do it:
1. Start with a sphere
2. Add a displace deformer based on "electric" noise. Set up the scale and height parameters according to the size of the sphere.
3. Texture it with something like alien metal and pimp up the shades of blue to your own preferences
4. Add a light in the middle of the sphere.
5. Use visible light, ant set the visible radius so it is slightly bigger then a sphere, use noise on the visibility – and parameters Dust: 20%, Brightnes: 80%. I used "Hard turbulence, octaves:8, brightnes: -60%, contrast: 160%, set up the noise scale according to the size of the sphere. Set up general intensivity of the light according to preferences
6. Add another light but bigger and more diffused and softer to get the outer glow effect.
7. Light it the whole scene with some HDR image, and a couple of spotlights or softboxes
8. Render with GI on
9. Reder it multiple times :) to get the all parameters right ( it took me two evenings)

If you want more detailed instructions ask :)
I know there are probably better and more efficient ways to do this so if someone have any ideas please share
Hope it will be some help.
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thanks :D doesn't work for me that nice as in your pic but you helped me a LOT :)
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glad you like it!
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That looks amazing! I love it! :D
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