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Daedric Sword pdo

Here's my pep file for the daedric sword from Skyrim. I haven't built it (yet, maybe...), but I think the scale should be right on with everything else I've been building.

If you'd like to download this and the rest of the daedric items go here:…
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Great!!! Awewsome!!!
I cannot seem to get that file to download. Is there any other way I can try and get ahold of this file?
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Did you try downloading the file on the Full Daedric Armor page? It includes all of the weapons.
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Just finished peping and must say that is an excellent unfold!!
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Thanks very much! I'm kind of sad that I never built this one.
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WELLLLLLL, If you do this one Let me be the first to tell you, CHOOSE top or bottom and go one direction, LOL. I started working from the bottom and top and it became a living nightmare to connect the sword in the middle of the blade, Lesson learned on making blades.
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Haha yep, always better to work in one direction. Pepakura rarely rewards the adventurous :)
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Please send me the template in page form.
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It's included with the download link on this page:…
send pls to
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Thanks! And just follow the link to my full set of daedric armor. The sword file is included in that.
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<font><font class="">SHARED ME PLEASE THE PDO AT 69THANATOS69@GMAIL.COM</font></font>
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Just follow the link and download the whole set via the download link. Thanks.
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I want it too please, mi email is  I'm interested in ti. :)
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There's a download link for this and the rest of my daedric item here:…
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Hi there, could you please send me the pdo files for this (  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks 
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Please send me the PDF File (of all your Skyrim related things) I need props for my Skyrim themed wedding, I want guests to have props for the photo booth which should be a bit of fun :)
Thanks for your help
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How tall would you expect this to come out to?
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sorry for bothering u mate :) (Smile) but can u send me the pdo file (, the download link doesnt work for me... thanks. it looks AWESOME btw
Please, send me the PDF file?! thanks
Please, send me the PDF file?!?
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Send to:
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Please, send me the PDF file?!
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