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Daedric Mace pdo

By Kuraudo3
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If you'd like to build this file just hit the download link. I'll warn you though, this isn't a "build in a day" kind of project ;)

Edit: I made this file before I started adding flaps to all my pep files, but due to the overwhelming interest in this particular file I've gone back and added them.

If you'd like to download this and the other daedric items go here:…
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me poderia enviar?
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I see your note about this being included in the Daedric Full Armor download but I am not seeing a mace PDO in that .rar file.  Am I overlooking it?
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Awesome! Could you send me the file with the flaps please?
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The mace is included in the daedric armor download link over on the page with the full daedric armor. I can't remember if that one has flaps or not, but I'm thinking that was late enough in my unfolding "career" that I would have added them.
Adam40533's avatar Could I by chance get the Black and white one sent that you had in your picture? My mom would be pissed if I used that much ink. If not color is cool '3'
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In pepakura viewer there's a colored cube in the upper left that says "set materials to faces". Just click on that and it should remove the texture.
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Hi there, could you please send me the pdo files for this (  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks 
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please send???? 
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can you please send the PDO to :

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Hola me podrias enviar el pdf, te estaria muy agradecido ^^
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This is outstanding work. Could you please send me the link at

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Love the build and would love to build one myself!

Links to your files don't seem to go anywhere though :P

Could I pretty please get a copy of the .pdo? (

Also had a question for you, what kind of resin do you use to harden your projects?

I've recently tried fiberglass resin but it took forever to dry and on one piece is still somewhat tacky.

Anyways, thanks!
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Hey man, Im having ALOT of trouble trying to download these files. been trying for about an hour now. If you could possibly send me these ones I'd be forever in your debt. I'm looking for
This one, Daedric Mace
Nord Greatsword
and Volendrung
I'd really appreciate it dude.
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awesome,, can you please send me a copy?

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hi please send at : thanks a lot
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Please send?
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Daedric weapons just look so bad ass, incredible detail and +9000 internetz for life size scale!
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Thanks so much :)
Although I don't know what to do with all these 9000s!
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can u send to me plz.
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Can send me this AWESOME file?
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