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Aela's Armor (Female Draugr) pdo

My fiancee is working on an Aela costume so I'm helping her out by building the armor portions of the costume. It looks like it should be pretty simple to put everything together so hopefully I'll have it all put together by this weekend.

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Can I have this sent to me? It hasn't worked at all yet and I'm really struggling with the thigh pieces, getting them right. Thanks!
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Sorry, but I really don't understand what you're asking. Do you need the files? There's a download link in the description. And what about the thigh pieces is giving you trouble?
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This is really awesome. I've been struggling with a way to make the shoulder armor that wouldn't end up being too heavy. Could I please get a copy of this pepakura file? Please, please, please!? :D 
May I have a link/file/what have you?

(And again) Can you send it to me at

It's really nice

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Hello! The download link just sends me to Filedropper's homepage, so would you mind e-mailing the file to me? the address is . Thank you for having this on here; I've been looking for good Aela armor files!! =)
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Hello ! do you mind E-mailing me the link to this ? Thanks!
Ps. This is awesome !
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The link doesn't work for me.
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Hi, could you send this to . Thank you!!
could u send this to i might be asking a lot of these
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I wouldn't mind having this for my sidekick. I'm getting sick of seeing her in that assassin's gear. :D
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Yep, this is definitely one of my favorite armors for a female character. The ancient nord male armor looks pretty cool too.
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I don't like very many of the default armors but they made it impossible to change the default sidekicks armor so I don't use any of them.
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You can tell them that you want to trade items with them, then give them some armor that's better than their default armor and they'll put it on :)
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I haven't been able to get them to do it. They just carry the stuff around like a pack mule. :D
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Any chance of a download link?
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Nope. I prefer to handle each request personally. What's your email address?
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