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[CLOSED] Looking for Mods!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 14, 2018, 11:35 AM

Hey!! I'm currently working on some species right now and I am looking for 1-4 mods to
help manage some of the information when I or when others are not available!

You can note or PM me on discord if you are uncomfortable with posting in comments!
Discord: Milkypeen #0420

And if you aren't applying you can go join the group if wanted!

This is still wip but I'm working on them a lot right now!
We aren't looking for much but we might add more after launching the group!
Mods do get some perks but we can talk about that if/when you are accepted

Looking For
- Someone to manage the masterlist
-Managing group/discord messages
-Maybe worldbuilding!
-Maybe sometime we might need someone that can do at least a little basic coding? if I cannot do it

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Job wanted:

Why do you wanna join as a mod?:

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