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How to Make Any Shirt a Woman's Fit

Edited a shirt and thought "Hey! Why not make a more in depth tutorial about this process?" So, yea, here you go!

Originally learned the basics from :iconlauradoodles:'s tutorial here but it didn't really go into the details, so I thought I'd do it.

The swirls in the background are from :iconpixelchemist: and can be downloaded here

Please follow me on Facebook at Rising Moon Cosplay where I post projects, props, and cosplay related works.

If you liked it, let me know! I might make more of these tutorial things if this turns out to be popular enough.
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DieHardGuardGirl's avatar
I've used this to alter two shirts, thank you! I love it!
kuramachan's avatar
Glad it helped!
myanko92's avatar
This is really awesome and helpful!  Thank yo uso much for posting it!
NiniiDawns's avatar
sadly i have no sewing machine and with ahnd i cant x D
gregorithedark's avatar
I love t shirt reconstruction!! This one is so cute! I'll have to send you some of what I learned if you wanna add me on Facebook ^_^
Magenta-Fantasies's avatar
This is a really great tutorial! :D I do a lot of clothing modification myself (usually it's adjusting the fit of shirts to make them a little tighter, since I refuse to wear loose-fitting or baggy clothes). This will come in handy for the t-shirts my college hands out at events; even the smallest size is like a tunic on me.
MattsyKun's avatar

You have saved me from ever having to get rid of a shirt that's too big for me. I think I love you.
Amakago's avatar
Although this is a great tutorial, I can't wear girl sizes even though I'm a girl. My body proportions are off and I feel uncomfortable wearing shirts that show my form. I wish there was a tutorial for the other way around....
GreyDega's avatar
this tutorial involved taking away fabric for a more form fitting fit, look up tutorials for adding fabric, like paneling or whatnot.
misket-nfeos's avatar
OH SHIT THAT PRETTY AWESOME :3 great tutorials
trapped-in-eternity's avatar
oooo! awesome! thank you very much for this!
Crello's avatar
Great tutorial! I especially appreciated the step-by-step pictures of pinning the sleeves; steps like that normally confuse me, but your pictures made it clear. Thanks for the post!
TheMim's avatar
Yay! Now I can buy those T-shirts I've always wanted that they only make in "tent" sizes!
the-brat's avatar
Thanks for this, I will definitely try it out! (:
MarieDeWill's avatar
Oh my Rowling, GONNA TRY THIS! O-O <3
92snowbunny92's avatar
I will definitely try that! O_O
traxxplz's avatar
Now I wish I had all the materials to sew it xD
TheHomicidalRedHead's avatar
kuramachan's avatar
You're. Welcome. :D
Nagem1891's avatar
Being a bigger woman, I don't see the need to alter my clothes half the time (maybe the sleeves?) But I do see how this would work for smaller girls who prefer the mens section over the womans section.
Freelancer521's avatar
Awesome! Very informative and extremely easy to follow. No doubt I'll find use for this in the future.
00Sahara's avatar
Thaaank you soooo much! i am quite curvey and in order for any shirt to fit around my chest, it has to be really big around the waist... 
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