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Cursed Seal Tattoo

THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS!! I GOT A REAL LIVE TATTOO...AND IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!!! ^_^ I love it so much. 80 bucks well spent! Love love love love love!!! I was, at first, only getting it because it was something I thought was amazingly awesome from Naruto, but after I thought about it more, the signs seem to remind me of a three sided ying-yang trapped inside a wall, always together, yet never really touching, kinda like my Mother, my Sister, and myself~~~~


Here's the other pictures from that days events!!
Ryu-chan, the brave lil plushie that was at the mercy of my forceful squeezes = [link]
Me and my best friend, Amanda, as we wait for the artist to finish getting ready = [link]
Me as I play with Ryu-chan's ears = [link]
The Tattoo Parlor in all its tattooy glory = [link]
Step 1 of the Tattoo, Sketching (this is all just pen) = [link]
Step 2 of the Tattoo, Outlining (this hurt the worst!!) = [link]
Step 3 of the Tattoo, Filling In (not to bad, hurt when he got closer to the spine) = [link]
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Orochimaru has bitten you!
Cool tattoo.
it look so real I mean like real curse bite from Naruto
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Well, being an artist myself, it wasn't really that hard to recreate it, but I wanted the closed off one, after Kakashii alters it.
janni-chan's avatar
... nduuurr o_O

Never mind that "where's it placed?" comment :rofl:

I just checked the other pictures and it's quite obvious. .-.
kuramachan's avatar
janni-chan's avatar
... well, mine's still getting planned... but I will be a fellow one soon. ;w;

May I ask where yours is placed?

I'm actually considering getting Naruto's seal instead (the one on his belly... on my belly) and eventually, the ANBU tat... but this rules... beyond words! :D
kuramachan's avatar
Yea, was planning on getting the ANBU sign myself, but I've got others planned ahead of that one. Like my kanji for Wind (Kaze) on my right arm. I get that this upcoming Friday ^_^
janni-chan's avatar
Nice! :D Good luck on that. :) I've pretty much decided on Naruto's stomach-seal. I'll be getting that in January as a new year's thing to remind me how much the Naruto fandom has given me and to keep my head up (I was depressed and such when I got into Naruto, but meeting friends through the fandom changed that)

I love it when fandom symbols have meanings like that :D
kuramachan's avatar
The exact reason I got my cursed seal XD

That, and to remind me specifically of my cousin. Her favorite character is Sasuke, like out of ANIME all together! I bought her a plush doll for christmas, and I have one of Goku from Saiyuki XD We made them have a relationship!!! Whenever she'd sleep over, we'd find them on top of each other in the morning XD!!!!!!!!!!
janni-chan's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XDDD SasuGoku?! That's like the best form of humor, ever... PLUSHIESECHS!!! XD I remember having a DBZ Vegeta figurine and we had him make out with a Card Captor Sakura figurine on rollerblades... it was disturbing as hell, but it did spawn funny videos... :crazy:
I think it's because the damn box that the Vegeta-doll came it claimed that it was "SUPER-DETAILED!" so we stripped his clothes off to see for ourselves... :rofl: The box lied. :unimpressed:

My gawd, I was just wondering where/why I found your cursed seal tattoo, and I found myself back at crouching-kitty's page, on the STD-comic with art and sabrina... which I've been visiting for like three times a day for the past month because... Art and Sabrina mixed with crazed kitties is so addictive... D: Curse you for making addictive characters... CUUUURSE!!! :shakefist:
kuramachan's avatar
YAY!!! I'M CURSED ^_^ *dances in the feeling*

I love having Sabrina and Art with the kitties, especially with Sabrina's "blond"ness and Art's "emo"ness XD I wanna have her do it again, but I still owe her for the first one X_X I'm so broke, but I get paid this Thursday, so I'm going to stash away some money for her and more commissions!!!!

janni-chan's avatar
It's a nice curse though, I promise! :> *shot*

I wish I had money for comissioning Dana! D: I want something Naruto-ish to feed my obsession (with my fancharacter to make it loveydovey and Art/Sabrina-ish :flirty: )- Naruto with the kitties would rule... <3 but I'd have to wait till like... forever... to afford any commish :XD: Good luck with paying her and the new commission! Dana'll be rich with the way we're obsessing over her :XD:

Blondness rules *is original blonde* :dance: You can always trick people into assuming that you're stupid. :ninja: Emoness only rules if it's the art-way! :>
kuramachan's avatar
XD LOL!!!! Just wait till I start to finally release their story and the Dougen story, as well! ^_^ That's their race~
RyuOni's avatar
Yo dude, where's the pic you used to give to the tattoo artist? I want one =P (No, Seriously can ya send me the pic? ^_^)
kuramachan's avatar
yea, sure, what's your e-mail?
RyuOni's avatar (Sorry it took so long to reply- my internet was down for days cause I just moved house)
Meems29's avatar
whoa thats super cool!
Kazegirl240's avatar
^^ awesome! o_< though....that mustve hurt....really bad..but its all worth it ne?
kuramachan's avatar
YUP!!! All worth it ^_^
kuramachan's avatar
I might be getting the ANBU sign after spring break in April, or maybe more towards my birthday in June, cause my mom will be with me.
Kazegirl240's avatar
X3 WOO!!!! the anbu is really cool...:D
kuramachan's avatar
I was actually thinking of waiting on that one and getting he Kaze kanjii on my right arm.
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