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-- Yuri commission for Valauiel --


Yuri commission for :iconvalauiel:
His original characters Aislyn and Emi together.
The fun part is that I already drew both of them in separate files XD

And wow, this took me some time to finish!

You can read more about their stories clicking on each individual file of the characters:

Liked my drawing? Also would like to see your character in my sytle? Or would you like other types of drawings? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

Thanks a lot for the comments! ^_^
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TheSoldierDarius's avatar
What do we have here, hehe
Miyappun's avatar
Yuri ! :iconohjoyplz:
They're.. beautiful *_____*
I like their matching designs :heart: x3
And the way you drew them are pretty !
Specially Aislyn~ ( I suppose it's her name ? :3 )
And love the way you color skin~
Lovely work dear ! ^^
Azsalyn's avatar
Yeah, Aislyn is the one in purple. Kurama just didn't put her name on the title for the other deviation, but it's there in the description somewhere... And yeah, she did do a great job of drawing both of them! ^^
SergentSkull's avatar
*saigne du nez* nom de Zeus !
Lux-Vertas's avatar
Mmm... Lovely! Nothing Like Yuri to liven the day!
Kurama-chan's avatar
Good that it's pleasant to your eyes! ^^
Lux-Vertas's avatar
It's plesant to all eyes!
JojOnny's avatar
Pq eu n consigo parar de olhar? T~T
Kurama-chan's avatar
Se foi pq vc gostou do desenho, eu fico feliz! ^^
JojOnny's avatar
Entao fique mt feliz x3
DrezzyAnHUE's avatar
Tô escondida aqui nos comentários o.o a propósito "When life gives you lemons..? ask Cave Johnson the anwer" .... Yay you like portal :D
JojOnny's avatar
Haha x3
Vc parece legal c:
DrezzyAnHUE's avatar
Só hiperativa xD
Jixisthejaguar's avatar
WOW this is really amazing!! I can't stop looking at it...oh gosh. Lol now I feel like a pervert.
Kurama-chan's avatar
I don't think you have to feel bad about it, it's a drawing to express love and why not a bit of luxury too between the characters.
I'm glad you enjoyed the drawing, thanks!
guelpacq's avatar
Wow, I don't what else to say except that I agree with Valauiel when he says that this is sexy! :love:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Thank you so much!
Mature commissions are a bit harder to do, so I'm glad it can be enjoyed!
guelpacq's avatar
You're welcome! I know it's hard, but we really appreciate the effort you put into it! :heart:
Kurama-chan's avatar
It's good to know the effort was worth, haha!
Azsalyn's avatar
Mmm, yes. Very yes. This turned out great! They both look damn sexy, and they make such a cute couple. :heart:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Late answer, I'm leaving my comments accumulating, aaah!
And I'm glad you liked, thanks!
DemonisAOH's avatar
Oh my this is nice ._.
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