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Sorry, I couldn't resist mdfghdfuhgfdhua
If you follow me tumblr, you should have already seen that I posted my impressions about the anime there, if you didn't, check it here: [link]
I made an interesting suggestion of changing all the times they say "swin" for "have sex".

Characters from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club anime
Or the famous "swimming anime"

For more fanarts: [link]

Tumblr: [link]
Pixiv: [link]

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Okay, I've read your first impression and I really like the idea of replacing the word "swim" with "have sex". You have left me on the floor laughing like crazy. :XD:
Anyway, I love how the colors come out soft yet vibrant. As always, your coloring is gorgeous!
Kurama-chan's avatar
Hahaha, I already posted a second one XD I tend to post my brainfarts in Tumblr.

By the way, thanks a lot! =D
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
nice work~! i too just saw this series and liked it =3
Kurama-chan's avatar
Thanks a lot! ^^
ughmy's avatar
i want to be in that pic *drool*
Ui-Azuma's avatar
Weeeeee *runs around like a madman* i watched the first ep of this yesterday. *_*
Kurama-chan's avatar
What did you think about it? XD
Ui-Azuma's avatar
It was good. c:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Not my favourite show from the season, but I bet it will make me laugh a lot XD
TheWolfsChild's avatar
I cant wait to watch this :D
SoraLover1994's avatar
*Snickers* Well, I checked out episode 1 too... So much implied in yaoi.
Kurama-chan's avatar
Yes, definitely!
SoraLover1994's avatar
XD But the ending is still the most creative thing so far.
Lux-Vertas's avatar
ahh there is going to be a lot of wet panties from this anime... true equality folks!

sadly I won't watch this as I have no need for it, I watched Prince of tennis and that bored me... (Just like real tennis!)
Kurama-chan's avatar
I think you won't get bored in this one. There are so many absurd things (specially for straight male watchers) that I think you'll laugh a lot. Even a parody of the ending was already made, haha.
Lux-Vertas's avatar
I still don't think it's for me... but anyway, you go fangirls!
I totaly forgot this was just starting. Can't wait to start watching. And nice artwork too. Such pretty boys.
Kurama-chan's avatar
MissStory's avatar
Oh this anime ;w;
Didn't it come out this month? You did a wonderful job drawing these guys :heart:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Yes, the first episode was released this wednesday! ^^
Thanks a lot!
Masque-rader's avatar
I love this anime so much already~
They really should say "have sex" instead of "swim."
Ah, Rin is my absolute favorite so far :heart:~
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