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-- Special commission for Valauiel : Festival --

I... I finished it. :icontearplz:
*tears of joy*
I think this was the most detailed commission I was asked to draw, haha.

:iconvalauiel: commissioned me to draw 8 of his characters having fun in a festival that is similar to a japanese one. Each character is very unique, so I tried my best to draw them according to their respective personalities.
From left to right: Aislyn and Emi, Thorn and Reyna, Chaela and Talia and Argus and Eivan.

I also would like to thanks ~gimei, ~DemitriaMiriam and ~peekaboo789 for making available free resources that I could use as kimono patterns!

Other commissions I already drew for him:

To check more commissions, here is my folder: [link]

Tumblr: Will be posted soon
Pixiv: Will be posted soon

Liked my drawing? Would like a similar one? Or would you like other types of drawings? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

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That looks great! Seems like it would've taken a whole lot of time - there's so many of them! :lol: Beautiful colors and the background came out so nice. :clap:
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This is so amazing! And so much detail!!!
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Wow, an amazing scene , you did an impressive job at putting together all those characters, they look wonderful! I am in love with the colors  and atmosphere of the drawing. :clap:
i see your hardwork here. beautifully done =w= pretty and detailed
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Cute + beautiful!:) (Smile) 
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It could be an interesting experience to attend to a Japanese festival. I can imagine that there would be a unique atmosphere...

Good work with yukata designs, each has a unique pattern, and seems to kinda reflect the wearer's personality. Like, the red-haired, tan girl's yukata gives the image of quiet and serious personality, and blond girl's blue yukata indicates that she is somewhat cold.
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Good reading! I try to keep my colors consistent with their personality when I do the original costume design, and Kurama-chan did an excellent job with taking my brief color suggestions and making them into gorgeous patterns and themes for these alternate outfits. With regards to personality, Chaela (the black girl) is pretty serious, and is the party's warrior class. Talia, the blonde, is a conceited bitch with little regard for anyone else and will eventually be one of the major villains. Kurama-chan also does a great job at capturing the personalities of all of my OCs, which is why I continue to hire her. I highly recommend her if you have OCs of your own you'd like drawn!
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I like the different designs on everyone's kimonos. :)
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This must be one of the most unexpected things I've seen from you, and I love it. The super-detailed background takes the cake.
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This must have taking a long time to finish! Good job!
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Indeed it took, but I lost track of how much time I spent! Thanks!
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This looks amazing! I agree the perspective on the street looks a little off, but I'm no expert on perspective either, and the rest of the piece more than makes up for it. Thank you so much! :hug:

I think you did a great job with styles here. All the little details like Emi leaving most of her chest showing, Talia carrying her dagger, Argus wearing his goggles... all very nice touches. The colors are a great choice also; most of them correspond nicely to the original outfits, and those that don't still suit the characters very well.

Aislyn and Emi make a great couple, and I love seeing them together like this. Thorn and Reyna also look good together; Reyna is super cute as usual. I love seeing Chaela and Talia in more casual attire also, and they look fantastic even without Chaela's face paint or Talia's gems and crown (and my god with her hair down... yes please!) and it's nice to see them more or less getting along instead of trying to kill each other for a change. But I think my favorite part is Argus and Eivan drinking it up in the back. They're not a couple either, but they do seem like they'd make great drinking buddies and they certainly seem to be having a good time. ^^

Thanks again for all your hard work on this! <3
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Thank you! I think I'll try to do something about the floor. I edited it twice while I colored, but I also have the impression something isn't good. Just hope I don't make it worse instead of making it better XD Keep this version saved to compare.

I though Emi would fit with a personal outfit like her, and the other details too! If there is some pattern you want me to remove or that you considered exaggerated, you can tell me!

I'm glad you enjoyed the details too, thanks a lot for commissioning me! ^^
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I love all the detail!
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This looks really awesome because to me, it looks more like four connected pictures all shown at once! The spaces between each pair almost makes it look like you drew them on separate pieces of paper and connected those four pieces by drawing the background.

I especially love the details, colors and lighting in the picture! Great job! :D
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Wow this awesome, you done such a good job on this commission. Each and every character look great making this artwork amazing!
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SHO AMAZING~!! but the street looks weird :I but hey! i can't draw a tree! :P...or can i OxO...*goes off to try and draw a tree*
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It's ok! Thanks for the comment! =D
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