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-- Reward: Yuyu Hakusho Kurama --

Hello! I know it's been some time I was active in DeviantART, sorry for being away for so long!
We have so many social medias lately that it's being hard to be active on all of them!

I would like to inform that I'm still open for commissions and I really need help during this tough time. If you can help me, I'll be very grateful! You can check my prices on my journal, they are still the same!
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"Only an amateur depends on arms and legs for victory."

I couldn't help thinking of that quote with the rose whip tied around his hair. I've seen this anime enough to know that even a totally bare Kurama is not to be taken lightly. You capture his elegance so well... but you know from those thorns something is lurking beneath that smooth surface.

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Kurama is an amazing character

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And your art is amazing too. :nod:

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