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-- [MATURE] Commission : Dakimakura Reyna --

Another Dakimakura commission for :iconvalauiel:
His original character Reyna with and without outfit. She is one of the cutest characters to draw!

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zkfanart's avatar
Reyna peladinha é linda... mas tirando a roupa ela é tããããããããããão sexy! :heart:
MangaSkyX's avatar
Hi, nice art. But the group I'm running hall of anime. I only want it be PG-13 only. But thank you for submitting art.
Kurama-chan's avatar
Ok, I understand!
MangaSkyX's avatar
Maybe it's not so bad. I don't want hentai level art. That's just nude. You can submit to my group if you want. Sorry about that.
Lan-Hikari's avatar
Looks very hot and sexy! :love:
Shane-zero's avatar
thejaguar9's avatar
I havent been on DA a lot but i see that you're doing rique things now ;D :iconheplz:
I notice that you still have your same distinct artstyle , but you've improved a lot!!!

you might not even remember me anymore
if you dont please ignore my over familiarity
Kurama-chan's avatar
Of course I remember you! :hug:

Oh, actually it is a commission, so the idea was from the commissioner, not mine ^^ But I really have no problem in drawing erotic content.
Also, I don't like to be the type of artist that refuses to draw lots of things in commissions, I believe I'll never grow this way.

Thank you so much! :heart:
thejaguar9's avatar
YAYYYYYY *sobs from happiness*

oh! yes, i should read the title more carefully... WOOPS
I'm glad you have no restrictions for your art though :)
Theobald93's avatar
Cute and sexy <3
Lux-Vertas's avatar
ohh, hot elf chick! I like!
Kurama-chan's avatar
Lux-Vertas's avatar
you're welcome!
StormFedeR's avatar
StormFedeR's avatar
dakimakuras are such a pain, can I ask which size did you make it?
Kurama-chan's avatar
The original size was 6000 pixels. I always keep my dakimaruka commissions in high resolution in case the commissioner wishes to do a real dakimakura someday.
StormFedeR's avatar
yes, you better do, my first was for the real deal and the commissioner requested me about 2953 x 8858 as an ideal size for printing. It was a pain to work that big, my program crashed a few times. 
Make sure you always do as big as you can those, will spare you some trouble. :thumbsup:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Cool, thanks for telling that!
And wow, I can imagine how hard it is to color in a high resolution! When I tried to save in .jpg, it said it wouldn't save because it didn't have enough RAM. Do you know how to solve it?
StormFedeR's avatar
yes.. buy more RAM ^^; lol I'm afraid it's the only way to make the best resolution, man sized. Other trouble ahead is the brushes and some tool sizes which has their limits. I tell you, the real dakimakura deal is a pain. I'll extra charge ($$$) for it next time.
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