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-- Danganronpa Pencil sketches --

I can tell this definitely is one of my favourites from the season.

A faceshot of all the characters of Danganronpa, a PSP game.
The anime was also released, but I still recommend playing the game.

I like specially because the characters can be interesting without necessarily having the "beauty" that society requires. I take Sakura as an example. She is great.
My favourite characters are Chihiro, Celes, Kirigiri, Togami, Sakura and, of course, Monokuma. :heart:

Since I'm still playing the game, I won't allow comments to avoid spoilers. I will open them again when I finish it, so we can discuss about it :heart:
You're also free to color it if you want, just please credit me and don't remove my watermark.

For more fanarts: [link]

Tumblr: Will be posted soon
Pixiv: Will be posted soon

Liked my drawing? Would like a similar one? Or would you like other types of drawings? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

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What about my precious Leon, I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s really quite amazing, but I would be better with Leon
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I drew him and didn't put him at the drawing, probably an distraction
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these are soo amazing! very inspiring :0
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Amazing work, Kurama-Chan!
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You didn't draw Leon, but the sketches in this are already pretty great!
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you forgot leon kuwata
zactoab's avatar
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In this anime, I was actually pretty surprised when Celes-San lost it and started to get so mad, when they found out she was the murderer. She used to mostly be pretty composed.
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I think it was very interesting to see her human side too, I loved it =D
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I like how Sakura looks feminine 
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I love how you drew everyone!
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