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-- Commission: Emirasu Aelcrest 1 of 2 --

Second Commission for :iconvalauiel:
His original character Emirasu Aelcrest , Emi
I loved the story of this character, but I don't know if I can tell about it, so it's better to ask the creator for more details :heart:
And I also have a thing for succubus characters

This is the front version drawing. A back version will be posted too.

Another characters that belongs to *Valauiel and I was commissioned to draw:

Liked my drawing? Also would like to see your character in my sytle? Or would you like other types of drawings? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

Thanks a lot for the comments! ^_^
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LadyWinter's avatar
Love the colors! Nicely done. =)
TeiWicked's avatar
(here comes the pun)'re lookin' pretty HOT girl, OHHHHH! :iconlinkrapefaceplz:
Damaged927's avatar
Lovely work! I like how you made that flame a noticeable light source and her freckles are too cute :meow:
Kurama-chan's avatar
Oh, yes, I tried to pay attention to that, everything becomes complicated when there is such a strong source of light in the drawing, like fire!
Thanks a lot! ^^ I certainly redid the freckles some times until I became satisfied with them
hellsangels23's avatar
I LOVE IT!!!!!

What is a succubus?? I kinda have an idea of it but not really sure, is it some sort of sexy demon or something??
Kurama-chan's avatar

Yes, a demon that needs sex energy in order to survive
hellsangels23's avatar
Oh! ok I understand!
are there male succubuses
Kurama-chan's avatar
Yes, but they are called inccubus ^^
hellsangels23's avatar
oooh!! I'm very interested!
Now to become an EXPERT!!!

Azsalyn's avatar
Traditionally, they have sex with men in order to steal their souls. In more modern fantasy, they tend to just be huge-breasted women with bat wings who are obsessed with sex. Emi is a halfbreed so she's not quite as obsessed as a purebreed would be, but she's certainly more promiscuous than your average human girl.
Kurama-chan's avatar
Oooh, interesting!
If I'm not wrong, was their first appearance in the bible, in a way to "condemn" those who are labeled promiscuous?
Azsalyn's avatar
They do indeed stem from Biblical myth; the original was Lilith, who spawned several offshoot demons according to various interpretations. From what I remember of the myth, she was Adam's first wife before Eve but got pissed off when he wouldn't let her wear the pants in the family, so to speak, and went off with Samael to start a race of demons or some such; I don't recall that the Bible specifically started the sexual bit of her myth, but I could be wrong on that. Wikipedia probably has a slightly more accurate and detailed description of her or the lilim if you are interested in reading further, though my monster/creature mythos doesn't necessarily follow these same lines and is usually closer to a standard RPG interpretation in many cases rather than a strictly accurate mythological interpretation from one religion.
DrLinuX's avatar
Amazing work Kurama Chaaaaaaaaaaaan I really missed your works ^_^
Kurama-chan's avatar
Thank you! ^^
And welcome back to DA! What happened?
DrLinuX's avatar
Nothing my dear I was so busy with work and had some problems with my account settings that's way I didn't find you however it's good to see you again and that's what important to me ^_^
Kurama-chan's avatar
Ah, I understand that! It's nice to chat with you again too! ^^
DantemaruXXX's avatar
nice drawing... Hahaha... the fireball is not the first thing you notice when looking at her XD !!!
Kurama-chan's avatar
I can understand why XD And thank you!
Azsalyn's avatar
Of course not. It's her eyes. Right? ...Of course it is.
DantemaruXXX's avatar
yeah... her huge "pair of eyes"... XD !!!
Kurama-chan's avatar

To be honest, the first thing I notice about the drawings are indeed the eyes XD
Azsalyn's avatar
Uh... me too. *cough*
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