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-- Commission : Chibi Republican --

Chibi size commission for malware365
It's Malware's OC and Flowey =D

Related art: -- Commission : Republican -- by Kurama-chan

Hope you enjoy the final result =D

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These two don't look like they belong together... the buff kitty looks way too non-homicidal. 
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It's just Republican and Flowey are 2 of my "favorite people" so I decided to add Flowey to the commission. They would probably hate eachother tbh
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I'm suddenly picturing Republican plucking Flowie and eating him like a kitty cat... Cats do that for some reason... 
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Yeah if I wasn't always there to stop there blood fued Republican would eventually grow tired of Flowey and probably end up doing that lol
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this is  a adorable chibi
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It's not my colored Flowey but then again I don't care cause IT'S AMAZING as always thx so much
Edit: Screw it I like this Flowey a lot better he just makes the picture better
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