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Commission Chaela

Commission for :iconvalauiel:
His original character Chaela
Type of commission: Waist body ( + complex outfit) + Background

And here is a bit about Chaela story that I used as reference to draw her:
Affiliation: Heroine
Class: Warrior
Profession: Arena Champion / Politician
Personality: Confident and assertive, she likes to be in charge. She is also very stubborn and although she takes life seriously and may at times come across as a little strict, she takes pleasure in new challenges and is rarely without a smile (at least on the outside), and has a relatively playful personality when the situation allows her to be. In other words, she will not be fooling around when it comes time to fight, but she may play with her opponents if time allows her the luxury in order to give herself more of a challenge.
Other notes: She is of noble birth but takes on a barbaric profession due to her people valuing physical strength above all else. She hates Princess Talia with a righteous fury (as they manage their cities/kingdoms in completely different ways: she sees Talia for the selfish bitch she is, while she genuinely looks out for the best interests of her people), but eventually falls in love with Talia's right-hand man, General Bacchus. She is also a fair deal older than most of the other party members, so she relates better to Argus than she does to Aislyn and Emi (though she maintains friendly relations with all of them). She is also capable of using earth and time magic, but she typically uses them to augment her physical abilities and attacks with her weapon more than as actual spells (so using time to boost her speed and lower her enemy's while using earth to strengthen her body and solidify her weapon, then smashing them at super-speed).
Specific body details: Chaela has several facial tattoos and nearly always wears green eyeshadow and lipstick. She does not typically wear rings or nail polish as she likes to keep her hands combat-ready at all times. The tattoos are permanent and not just face paint.

Hometown: Chaela is a noble of the Underwalk, a cavernous city that sprawls for miles beneath the surface of the earth, with rivers flowing underground and luminescent flora and magical crystals lighting the walls. It is a town divided into those who are strong and those who are weak, all through a proving ground similar to an arena or coliseum . The strong become successful and find work, earning money and establishing homes for themselves and their families. Over time, this has evolved into a 'rich' district. The weak do not find such success and must take less than savory jobs, assuming they can find work at all. This resulted in a 'poor' district, where a seedier element runs rampant. Both are beautiful in their own ways, but visitors keep to the richer parts of town. The Arena is open to any and all participants without restriction to race, gender, age, or creed: the only stipulation is that you must fight alone, so every match is 1v1 unless a special event has been arranged.

Backstory (WIP and subject to change): Chaela was born to Underlord Stonemace, one of the 3 members of the ruling Council of the Underwalk's oligarchy. Privileged with noble blood, she was given the luxury of fine food and drink as well as a fabulously wealthy home, but grew concerned for the state of the city after witnessing an uprising of the seedier element. She was kidnapped and held in the bowels of the city, but rather than being held hostage, she fought her way free. Rather than return home, however, she was saddened by the culture shock and grew concerned for the future of her great city after seeing the poverty and despair that so many were forced to live in. She enlisted herself in the arena seeking to earn a name for herself in the eyes of the poverty-stricken as more than just one privileged with higher birth and proved a natural talent for combat, seeking to end the brutal cycle of weakness and poverty generated by the system. She swelled through the ranks of the combatants despite the fierce protests of her father and the rest of the Council, dominating all competition and finding herself named the Arena Champion before long. Despite facing countless challengers, none have defeated her. She was offered many times to lead the military, but refused, claiming that she would not lead an army while her city stood divided. It was her word and her actions that allowed her to close down the Arena as a method of determining one's value, believing that strength of conviction was just as important as physical strength. While the wounds of the past have not yet healed, and the economy has not fully recovered, the city is on its way toward recovery thanks to her efforts. She maintains her position as the Arena champion and fights for the challenge of facing new warriors, but maintains an active role in the city's government and has been given a spot on the Council in recognition of her efforts. She will join Aislyn's party after her city comes under attack by Princess Talia; Aislyn will face Chaela in the arena prior to this, and, while losing, will inspire her to fight for something greater than even her own city. Once attacked, her conviction will be confirmed and she will take up arms to save the whole of the world of Asvoria from threats like Talia and Sphyre.

Another characters that belongs to *Valauiel and I was commissioned to draw:

Liked my drawing? Also would like to see your character in my sytle? Or would you like other types of drawings? Please check my commissions prices if you are interested: [link]

Thanks a lot for the comments! ^_^
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She has a nice design ! :heart: :iconiluplz:
Love the tattoos on her face :3
And the armor ! It's so shinny~ :love: :love:
I also love the way you drew her hand, holding onto her head :iconilikeitplz: or how to say it in English.. >.<
Those crystals, and her make up also looks so prettyy >w< :iconadorableplz:
And I like the color you used for the BG~ I always love green & yellow combinations :3
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Wow, she looks awesome! You really captured her personality well here; she turned out absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! <3
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fantastic work XD
she looks stunning :)
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she looks beautiful...amazing work!