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[DL] DokiDoki Precure Models


This download includes every character model from the DokiDoki Precure 3DS game. The rest will be added at a later date.( for now focusing on the Character models)

This download also includes a character base model, which Bandai Namco games forgot to remove from the games files. Not shown on the image.
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how can i convert them to mmd
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It's cool the fact that they are from the ds game!
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They are from the Doki Doki Precure Game on the 3DS and not the DS. The 3DS has way more RAM(both VRAM and Shared RAM), allowing for the more detailed Models. DS Games rarely have Models that exceed the ~3k Polygon limit(imposed by the low RAM). Imagine the Hardware Jump between the n64 and the GameCube

The 3DS itself has rarely Models that have more than 10k Polygons, especially if the Game makes use of the Stereoscopic 3D Mode.( it could though, when not using 3D Mode; especially on N3DS and N2DS Systems)

For comparison take a Look at the Suite Precure Models, which are from the NDS Game
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They all look so cute