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My Bio

Hey everybody I'm Kuraiko-chan349 ^^

26 years old, I am still as much of a Nerd as I was as ten years ago. From Anime/ Manga to Marvel and DC to Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring - That's just my kind of thing. But not just that. I am also a huuge~ Horror movie fan. From classics such as Halloween, Friday the 13th or A Nightmare to Elmstreet, Alien or Predators to more recent movies such as Get out, A quiet Place or The Hole in the Ground and Zombieland.

As an self-taught artist, my goal is to improve myself and to get out of my comfort zone. Which is why I am trying to draw more Canon Characters and trying to draw from other angles and backgrounds. Of course, those drawings are not always a success but you can only improve by trying, right? :)

Please feel free to give me advices if you see mistakes I made in one of my drawings, I'd love to improve and become better ^^

I may not be as active as a Fanfiction writer as I used to be, but most of my uploaded Fanfictions have been published here at FanFiktion.de [ www.fanfiktion.de/u/Kuraiko-ch… and all translated FanFiction can be found at FanFiction.net. [www.fanfiction.net/~kuraikocha…

A few can also be found here on DA

I hope you like them ^^

I also want to thank *Words-Of-Fate* - I once asked her if she could write a little Beyond Birthday X Reader and this [words-of-fate.deviantart.com/a… is the awesome Oneshot she wrote as a Request for me <3 *_*/ I think she really is a talented writer, you should read her other FanFics and OneShots if you liked this one.

The third person I want to thank is *2020hawk*. When I asked Words-Of-Fate about the OneShot, she actually didn't had time but told me that her friend (who's also a great Death Note Fan like me ) would probably write a Request for me. 2020hawk did ans this is the little master piece, she wrote ^^


I also want to thank *SnowEmbrace* for allowing me to use her Icon - She made the four wonderful Kingdom Hearts - Icons (She actually made even more Icons!) which I used to make my new Deviant Avatarpicture. That means I put four of her Icons together. So the credit goes to her and not to me.


Favourite Movies
Halloween, Friday the 13th, Alien vs. Predators, The MCU, Star Wars Episode I - VI, Rogue One
Favourite TV Shows
Star Wars the Clone Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, One Piece
Favourite Books
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Lockdown, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Death Note: Another Note, L: Change the World
Favourite Games
Dying Light, The Devil May Cry series, the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, the Kingdom Hearts series, Assassins Creed, Outlast, Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil
I think that in an hour, I will be able to upload a new drawing of Miju😁 New design and all🤗
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Hey guys, I am currently working on a new (digital) drawing. It's almost done. I probably will be able to upload it either later today or tomorrow :) Here's a small preview:
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Hey guys I am currently working on a new sketch/drawing. It is not perfect but I like the idea behind it 😁
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Hi, i uploaded another new pic…they still haven’t fixed the fucking glitch.

Thanks for telling me :)

Hi, uploaded a new pic. I couldn’t mention you by name in the pic because of the site’s crappy app(if you couldn’t guess there’s another upload glitch)

Thanks for the info I will come and look ^^

Hello there, I'd like to thank you for the faves you've thrown at me. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!

General Kenobi!

No problem, you're welcome ^^

I really liked the pics :)

Have a nice day ^^

Thank you so much for the :+fav: !! :)