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Beast- Skull Study

By KuraiKarp
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Being the geek that I am, I popped in Beauty and the Beast last night on a whim. I'd decided to draw fanart- simple, right? Well, the biology nut in me got the better of me, and I decided to figure out just what was going on beneath all those layers of shaggy fur.

To the left is the skull I imagined that the Disney artists used- something more compressed, easier to work with, devoid of massive amounts of detail. The top left drawing is the skull itself, while the blue drawing below shows the final, built on top of the skull. If you can't see the skull underneath, and actually CARE, let me know. I can raise the opacity of that layer.

To the right is the more realistic skull that I imagined when seeing the Beast, though it's obviously taken some liberties in terms of anatomical correctness- the teeth, for instance. In the movie, the Beast has teeth that are all the same size, save his bottom canines. The blue drawing below shows the final drawing based on that skull, while the red one below that highlights musculature.

...Oh yeah, I'm geeking out, big time. This is why you don't leave me alone with a DVD and a bored mind.

This is 25% of its normal size. I don't feel like cleaning it up enough to show the whole piece. :p
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Finally! Somebody got it right!! :D
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ManticoralTigerStudent Artist
omg!!!! i love. this. XDDD may i use it?
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lol now draw the whole skeletal structure
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Hahaha, only if I get Gaia commissioned.

I'd be glad to, but those come first.
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you're on gaia? do you commission for gaia gold?
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Yup, I'm on Gaia. I'm more than happy to do commissions for Gaian gold or items. :)

If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM here on DA- I'll send you my Gaia username there. :3
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sweet I'll probably take you up on that offer
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Interesting and helpful study!
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