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Dang, I forgot to make a post on it yesterday... Oh well! Hey folks, it's KJ, and I'm here to announce that Kickass Jerks 2018 has officially launched, complete with a website(see below)!…

So, here's the deal, this will be released on a page-by-page basis, with each page being released a week or two apart from each other, depending on my work load. Reason being, I prefer to release it like this and because of the style I've chosen to go with. Instead of going for a manga-esque aesthetic, like the previous two incarnations, I've decided to go full color for this one, complete with fairly detailed backgrounds and the like.

Now, the weekly/biweekly, page-by-page release schedule is something I've done with the previous two attempts, but this time, I feel like I have a clearer focus and I know how to manage the time I have, contrary to the past two comics(which, while they were released weekly, I always waited until the last moment to make them and release them). I'm going full force on this thing and rushing it is not an option for me, like it was previously.

And fear not, me moving the comic to a website doesn't mean my DA account won't get any love. I'll still publish art pieces here, whether they be digital or hand drawn, that's not changing. Though if you do want any regular updates, I suggest you follow me on Twitter @/kurai_jinx.

And that's it for now. Cheers, folks!
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Same situation as last time, folks. Not satisfied with the direction I was taking. But this time, I hope to make it a reality. Now, then... I know I've gained quite a bit of followers since March, most of them unfamiliar with my endeavours. So allow me to give you all the proper details, background, a bit of history and what I hope to achieve with this.

Kickass Jerks is a comedy/action-adventure comic series written and drawn by me, KuraiJinx. Inspired by the likes of Dragon Ball, Looney Tunes, Sonic The Hedgehog and My Hero Academia(to name a few), Kickass Jerks tells the story of the misadventures of Keito Johto, a half human, half tiger hybrid, and his friends. The series is currently in Pre-Production and set to release sometime in 2018.

This is something I've had in development for far long than I could ever anticipate. Since I joined DeviantArt in 2014, I've been working on a story using my own characters, settings and ideas. If you look in my gallery(mainly the KJ & Co. folder), you'll see many concepts, characters, ideas and prototypes for the series, mainly Cry Of The Wild and another titleless story(that's incredibly convoluted; and this is without mentioning all the other things I had in mind, like a ten episode animated series). It's been one heck of a rollercoaster. Many ideas thrown around, but not many stuck. I even got characters from my earliest days as an artist(See: Nathan Jinx, the grey furry character, who was formerly a Sonic Fan Character, whom I've had since 2008).

Essentially, it's a passion project. Something I wanna see grow and be the best thing it can be. And I think some of you have noticed I'm giving this one something I've not given any of the others: Proper Pre-Production. I wanna make damn sure this is as great as it can be. Some things I had planned for the past incarnations will carry over(just with a new coat of paint), some will not(likely the darker and more NSFW elements will be cut, buuuuut I might still include some dirty humor), but overall, I just hope this is, above all else, fun and engaging. Of course, opinions vary, so I don't expect everyone to like it. If you happen to be more into darker, more serious stories, don't you worry... But Kickass Jerks is likely not for you.

I'm hoping to have some more news by the end of 2017, but no promises. We'll just have to see how it goes.
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Nothing major, but I felt I had to inform you guys.

I'm unsatisfied with what I have so far for Kickass Jerks. I only have 5 pages, yeah, but I'm not satisfied with them. I feel the jokes are stupid and cringey as hell and the art inconsistency is just jarring.

I wanna give it a fresh and proper start. Because this is a series I legitimately want to see grow and evolve.
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Tagged by: :iconartistgt:

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Hello, howdy, hi. Keito Johto's the name. KJ is what folks call me. (Nathan: His mom calls him Kei-Kei!) SHADDUP! Eesh...

2. Cool! What's your current age?


3. Kay, what's your favorite food?

Meat, pasta, rice, bread, chocolate... Ya want me to keep goin'?

4. Favorite drink?

Peach Iced Tea is always the right answer. (N: Lies! He likes Pepsi!) NO, I DON'T! COKE ALL THE WAY. But yeah, Iced Tea.

5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?

Not... Really. (N: You totally have a crush on Kari, tho!) NATHAN, I SWEAR TO FU-

6. Oh.. I'm sorry...but uh have you twooooooooo?

No! (N: But ya totally want to!) SONOVA-!

7. Who's your favorite author?

Akira Toriyama, all the damn way.

8. Biggest fears?

Being friggin' forgotten.

9. Any siblings?

One older brother, that's been kinda gone for a while, and one adopted younger brother.

10. Almost done, it's only 20 questions. Who's your hero?

Half-way point, got it. Hm... My hero...? Do fictional characters count? (N: You *are* a fictional character.) I KNOW! But uuuuh... I guess... Goku? No, wait, Gohan!

11. Okay, who's your worst enemy?

Honestly? No one. So far, anyway. We're still getting to that point in the series. (N: We're still in the beginning of the first chapter!) Hey, artists have a life, mate.

12. Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?

That son of a gun over there. (N: D'aaaw)

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?

I'd personally ask him why the hell hasn't the series progressed after so much damn time has passed! Actually, I might do just that in the future. (Author note: *Hint hint*)

14. Okay, I'll contact them now. Done! Now, what's your worst memory?

Oh. Ya didn't need to do that. But uuuh... I guess all the stupid s%$& I did as a kid? (N: He did lots of stupid s%$& as a kid.) Eeyup...

15. What's your worst nightmare?

Being f%$&ing tortured. (N: You saying you aren't already?) Not really.

16. What's your life long dream?

To be a better martial artist and just better artist in general. (Author Note: Keito is an artist in the series too)

17. What would happen if your life long dream came true?

I'd be real happy.

18. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

Anywhere quiet.

19. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

Drawing, training, working, schooling. (N: Is that even a word?) People make up words all the time, mate.

20. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.

Who the flip are you to tell me what to do? *sigh* Fine.

I tag:

:iconthewolfwithtwosouls: :iconsonicotakusng: :iconannabeth5110:

And as I always say, goodbye, adieu and see ya! (N: Totally not his YouTube outro!)
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Ya might think it's a Dragon Ball fan comic, buuuuut...…
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Well, I've been pretty silent for the past few months, so I thought I'd give a lil' update. Ever since mid July, I've been working with my dad at his climatization company plus as technician on my dad's band. Because of that, I haven't been able to draw as regularly as I would've likely. Although, I have been working on some concept art and trying some other mediums(mainly animation and 3D modeling) on the free time I've had, which you can find on my Twitter(Which I'll post a link to later) But with September arriving, I'll have a two week break, and I'll try to draw more frequently. So far, I have three drawings on hold:

One for :iconsonicotakusng:
One for :iconsonicandtailsfan64:
And one for :iconannabeth5110:

After these are done, I *will not* take any more requests. From September onwards, I'll open paid commisions. But don't expect them done too soon, as I'll be focusing most of my time on Kickass Jerks and will also be preparing a teaser for something special. Hopefully, I can get it out before the year ends. I might also start a Patreon by then as well.

Now, for Kickass Jerks itself:

Page 4 is still being worked on. I've been doing some changes, because I felt the gags overstayed their welcome. I want to finish the first chapter at least by December, but no promises. Given I still have to make about 11 more pages, I might not have it done until February 2017, at least. But I'm not gonna give up on something I've been working on for nearly 2 years now. Akira Toriyama didn't give up on Dragonball, so I'm not giving up on Kickass Jerks either.

As for the special surprise, you'll find out over time. If you wish to stay updated on my work, please follow me on my Twitter account:
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...And it's a Smash Bros. match. Two, in fact. Watch me, KJ/Toon Link be destroyed by a Monado Boy and kicking some blue hedgehog ass. He was too slow. Enjoy, peeps. And trust me, this won't be the last Smash Video I'll ever do. Got some in store.

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 Hello everyone, KuraiJinx here. So, 2015 is almost over. It's been quite the ride. We've had some good surprises, some unpleasant ones, it was one rocky year. Was it good? ...A little. OK, it wasn't the best year, far from it, but I'm pretty neutral about it. On one hand, we've had great stuff, like Star Wars Episode VII(Which I've been lucky to not find spoilers for. Well, asides from one part of the film that I won't spoil for anyone), but on other... We had the passing of Iwata-san. A tragic loss, not just for the Big N, but the gaming community in general. He, in one way or another, has influenced gaming as whole and has left a huge impact on gamers. And for that, I'm thankful. This is my final goodbye to Iwata-san.

 Now, with that out of the way, let's look foward to the future. 2016 is look extremely promising and I cannot wait. And as you can imagine, I have big plans for 2016. New year, new start. You can bet I'll have better stuff next year. Will I go back to digital drawing? Maybe. I wanna upgrade my PC and get me a new drawing tab, given my last one stopped working. Will that ever happen? Only time will tell. Oh, and I also want to starting using Source FilmMaker and maybe do some sprite images and comics. Eeyup. I really wanna do a lot of stuff next year.

 In short, 2015 was meh(except for that time I went to the Portuguese Comic-Con which was f***ing AWESOME), 2016 is looking promising and I have tons of stuff I wanna do. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and onward to to 2016! This ship is leaving the 2015 port!
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Howdy, people, KJ here. So, remember that Sonic Show X Zone Runners contest a while back? I was one of the finalists and my sketch made it to the Music Video! It's a really cool remix of the Sonic show theme and Zone Runners are really talented people! Give it a look: 

You should see my sketch in the beginning and in the end of the video. Enjoy the song!
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WOO, BABY, I AM SPREADING LIKE A FRRREAKIN' VIRUS. Ahem. Howdy all, it's your friendly neighbourhood KJ. Sooo, I've done a Facebook page for updates and stuff (also, BEWARE OF OPINIONS) when I'm not able to be on DA or Twitter or any other social media I'm in (YouTube and such). If you want to pass by and leave a like, here it is:

Also, feel free to make any posts, I'm always open for conversations and I'll gladly talk with you guys. Now, for the update. I'll keep it short. -clear throat- CRY OF THE WILD. 4 ARCS. DETAILS COMING SOON. SMALL HUMOROUS COMICS ARE COMIN'. YOUTUBE CHANNEL. COMIC DUBS. CONSIDERING MAKIN' MANGAS OUTSIDE DEMONS AMONG US. Y'KNOW, THAT JUVI TEAM THING. ALSO, MORE COLORED STUFF. AND DIGITAL STUFF. MAYBE. AND MORE FAN ART OUTSIDE OF SONIC. CONSIDERING FNAF, UNDERTALE, FREEDOM PLANET AND NINTENDO. MAYBE A BIT OF SONY. AND KINGDOM HEARTS. AND OTHER STUFF. AND... AND... And that's it. Hope to see you in the page, in the meantime, I'll be cookin' up more stuff. KJ out!
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Time for some featuring! Basically, I'm gonna spread around some art from people who, one, want to be known, two, tagged me in something like this. And the first lucky guy?

1. :iconartistgt:

And my favorite art from him?

  Death the Grim Reaper by ArtistGT  Villian Showcase by ArtistGT  Jensen (OC) Profile by ArtistGT

Dude, I really like your style. Still needs some improvement but I just know you'll get there someday.

If anyone else wants to be featured here, just comment here!
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 Heyheyhey!! Howdy all, KJ here! So, pretty exciting news coming! I'll be working on a new project alongside Juvi Team, the game developing team I'm part of, which is a MANGA titled Demon Among Us(Title suggested by Yours Truly, decided with an internal vote). But you might be asking "A game dev doing a manga/japanese comic? The hell?" or "What the heck is this about?". Well, for the first question, I'd answer "Well, we're not the first game devs to do this. SEGA, Valve and some others have done it before. Not just mangas, but also american comics." and for the second one... "Well, someone at Juvi Team suggested we did a Juvi anime, and we were planning on doing so, until another one of our members came along and asked 'comic or animation?' and we were like 'Well, animation could take quite a while to produce and such... We'll go with comic. And then I stepped in and suggest we did a manga, since that's the comic equivalent of an anime."
 The basic premise is that a select number of people in this world, inhabited by humans, animals(Anthropomorfic and regular animals) and hybrids(take a f***ing guess), are given a special gift, power or skill. The source of those? Demons. An organization is eventually formed to prevent demonic possession. But is the main team associated with that organization? Yes and no. Initially, they mistake each other for bad guys, but after a conflict they form sort of a partnership, helping each other when times call for it. And that's only /after/ the main team is assembled. Think of them as a mini Justice League or Teen Titans V2. And yes, KJ and his pals will be in this, BUT as side characters. The main trio consists of Juvi, Connor and Felicity(Felix, for short). Yeah, they're basically the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of the team. Their powers? Juvi(Leader) has Electrokinesis, Connor is a weaker Goku with less powers and his average speed is 40 mph, and he's one who likes to go for the kill. Did I mention he's a computer genius? Felicity uses magic. Take that away from her and she's pretty much useless. Well, maybe not. I won't go into detail for the side characters, EXCEPT for a certain group. Team KJ. Why, you may ask? Because their own story is connected to this. KJ is the leader(d'uh), who has the ability to change his form from human, to animal(anthro or not) and hybrid(true form). In HIS story, however, he can increase his power twofold. Initially it was tenfold, but he ain't no Oozaru/Great Ape. Jinx is the brains, having an IQ of around 250-350. Pretty self-explainatory. Kon is basically Goten with Kid Gohan's powers.

 The comic doesn't have a release date just yet, since we're planning everything and I'm taking the time to practice my manga skills, so please, be patience. I should address this manga is gonna be based of the Dragon Ball(and /maybe/ its sequel, DBZ[DB deserves some love, y'know!]) manga, and it'll also have its moments of gore, some sexual references and such, but we're trying to keep it so that others can enjoy it, so if anything, the rating of the manga would be a T(een) 16+, at max, and a T12+, at minimum. Oh, there WILL be pop culture references. People love those, right? Pretty sure they do. Gotta say, I'm really excited for this project, and I think it just helps the team expand to new horizons. Believe me when I say this, this is gonna be awesome.

 Demons Among Us will be an Action, Drama, Comedy and Silce Of Life manga.
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Copied from :iconasylusgoji91:

"Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!"

Guys, be safe. Make sure your PC is protected so that no one will potentially attack you.
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Tagged by :iconthewolfwithtwosouls:

  1. Real name: João Luís;
  2. Nicknames: KJ, Koñito(See where I got the idea for Kon?), Johnny(Eeyup, some people call me Johnny); 
  3. Zodiac sign: Libra;
  4. Gender: Male;
  5. Nursery: . . .
  6. Primary school: Escola Básica Quinta Dos Castelos(Basic School Farm of Castles:Talk about sounding weird in English:);
  7. Secondary school: Escola Secundária António Sérgio(Secondary School António Sérgio);
  8. Hair color: Blackish Brown;
  9. Loud or quiet: Quiet;
  10. Sweats or jeans: Either;
  11. Phone or camera: That's a hard one... Maybe phone, since I use that the most;
  12. Health freak: Nay;
  13. Drink or smoke: Smoke, nay, drink, dunno. I may drink when I reach 18, but I'm unsure. If anything, I'll most likely stick to Coca-Cola;
  14. Do you have a crush on someone: As of now, no;
  15. Political orientation: Not into that;
  16. Piercings: Nay;
  17. Tattoos: Nay;

Ever been in...

  1. An airplane: No, but I'd like to;
  2. A car accident: Nay; 
  3. A fist fight: More than once;


  1. Piercing: Never did piercing, nor am I ever gonna do those;
  2. Best friend: Marco Cardoso, he's a really cool guy;
  3. Instrument played: Unsure if it was the flute or the drums;
  4. Award: I don't think I ever had those... If 3rd Place in a Portuguese contest counts as an award, then yeah;
  5. Crush: Don't wanna talk about it, I was in 4th grade and I was an idiot. Don't regret it, though;
  6. Language: Portuguese;
  7. Big vacation: Maaaaaybe when I first went to Trás-Os-Montes...;


  1. Person you talked to: On the webs: Juvi Team; Face-to-face: Siblings;
  2. Person you texted: I don't really text...
  3. Person you watched: :iconartistgt: 
  4. Food you ate: Bread. Hey, I already had lunch and needed something to eat. Ice cream wouldn't do in the middle of the afternoon;
  5. Movie you watched: Can't remember...
  6. Song you listened to: In his woooorld, where life is strong, in this woooorld, life is an open bo- Sorry, lost myself there;
  7. Thing you bought: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh... Can't remember... Most likely a second sheet block, but I'm unsure...
  8. Person you hugged: Younger brother.


  1. Food: I'd say spaghetti with eggs and sausages, francesinha(shooooo goooooood) or rice with chicken... Eh, francesinha all the way.
  2. Drink: Tie between Coca-Cola and Peach Ice Tea.
  3. Clothing: Hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers, all in blue OR Hooded jacket, white shirt, casual pants and boots, all in black(except the shirt, obviously) OR sleeveless black shirt, brown short and black sneakers.
  4. Book: Black Friday and its sequel, Lone Wolf. Amazing stuff. Congrats, Mr. Muchamore;
  5. Color: Black, blue, grey, brown, red;
  6. Flower: Probably... Rose. It's just so charming;
  7. Music: If I have to pick one, Endless Possibilities or Live Life.
  8. Movie: I'd say either The Lion King 2 or Sonic OVA.
  9. School subject: English and Arts.

In the past year, I...

  1. Kissed in the rain: Nope, never kissed anyone, girls just don't like me;
  2. Celebrated Halloween: Nope, just a normal day;
  3. Had my heart broken: No, last time it happened was, again, in 4th grade;
  4. Went over the minutes on my cell phone: Ever since I found out my outdated cellphone could actually connect to the internet, oh my;
  5. Had someone question my sexual orientation: I don't think so.
  6. Used a weapon: If a wooden sword counts as a weapon...;
  7. Breathed fire: Already told my little cousin this, I'm gonna say it again, I ain't a freaking dragon! XD All kidding aside, no;
  8. Had an abortion: Didn't know guys could abort;
  9. Done something I regretted: I don't regret anything I've done. Why regret? It's in the past and I can't change what I've done. To me, it's no use to regret anything;
  10. Broke a promise: Don't think so...;
  11. Kept a secret: Lots of 'em;
  12. Pretended to be happy: A few times... OK, no, I've done it a lot. But most of the time, I'm neutral;
  13. Met someone who changed my life: Juvi Team;
  14. Pretended to be sick: Nope;
  15. Left the country: Nope;
  16. Tried something I normally wouldn't like, and liked it: Eeyup, played the FNAF series. Tense and scary, but oh so fun;
  17. Cried over the silliest thing: I don't think I even cried;
  18. Ran a mile: Maybe;
  19. Went to the beach: Yes;
  20. Stayed single: Dude, I've been single for 16 whole years;


  1. Eating: Ice cream, eeyum. Just finished dinner;
  2. Drinking: Nothing;
  3. Getting ready to: Wreck some havok and destroy everyth- ERR, I mean, maybe play some Mario RPG or draw;
  4. Listening to: C'mon and light the fuse, he's a rocket and he's ready to go, 'cuz now the countdown's started and he's ready to blo- Dang, lost myself again!
  5. Plans for tomorrow/today: Study for my Geometry exam. Aye...
  6. Waiting for: The exams to end so that I can move on and enjoy the summer.

In the future...

  1. Want kids: Maybe;
  2. Want to get married: As of now, no, but things might change;
  3. Careers in mind: Character Designer, Game Developer and Comic Artist;

Which is better on a boy/girl...

  1. Lips or eyes: Eyes, all the way;
  2. Shorter or taller: Fine with both, though I prefer if a girl is slightly shorter;
  3. Romantic or spontaneous: Any, really;
  4. Nice stomach or nice arms: Does that matter?
  5. Sensitive or loud: Any;
  6. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship, d'uh;
  7. Troublemaker or hesitant: Any;

Have you ever:

  1. Lost glasses/contacts: If Sunglasses count, yes, if not, no, I don't wear glasses or contacts, but I might have to;
  2. Ran away from home: Never;
  3. Held a weapon for self-defense: Yeah;
  4. Killed somebody: Hell no, I'm like Bruce Wayne. I don't kill, I just punish;
  5. Broken someone's heart: Nah, no one's ever fallen in love with me;
  6. Been arrested: Nope, I'm a good member of society;

Do you believe in...

  1. Yourself: If I don't, how will I get the confidence to do something?
  2. Miracles: Yes;
  3. Love at first sight: Nope, I believe it takes a while to build a relationship;
  4. Heaven: Yes;
  5. Santa Claus: Heck yeah;
  6. Magic: That's a maybe;

Answer truthfully...

  1. Is there one person you wanna be with, right now: No, I'm already fine accompanied by my family. I love 'em so much...;
  2. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: Yes;
  3. Are you happy with the person you are: Yes, I am. And if people don't like it, too bad; 
  4. Are you happy with the person you're with: Currently, I'm with no one, if relationship is what you mean;
  5. Post as 100 Truths and tag five people: :icontimidcoyote: :iconjoanaantoinette: :iconjuviluna: :iconlordius-biscuit: :iconnekogirl3: 

    Have fun, peeps! KJ out! Also, this was done in real time, so don't get too confused.
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  • Watching: Some animations and all that
  • Playing: Super Mario RPG
  • Eating: Just ate an Ice Cream. So good...
  • Drinking: Just drank Ice Tea
 Nah, I don't play golf outside of videogames. Anyways, howdy all! KJ here. Guess what, I caught Tweety! Not really, I just made a Twitter account. If you guys wanna follow me and such, keep up with what I might have(Exclusive sneak-peeks for all, woo!), you can do so by going here: or just looking out for me. My twitter handle is kurai_jinx. See you there! Unless I'm already following you, that is. Anyway, that's all I have for now, see ya on Twitter, guys!
  • Listening to: Mega Man Zero 3: Cannonball (Mythos)
  • Reading: VG Articles, articles, did I mention articles?
  • Watching: Parodies, LP's, all that jazz.
  • Playing: Super Mario Bros Crossover and Soul Crash
  • Eating: I just ate, dammit!
  • Drinking: Nothing.
Howdy all, KJ here, with a brief announcement that there will be a HUGE update today. A lot of drawings will be posted tonight, and you better be ready for 'em, some are good, some are bland and some are... Ugly. It's gonna be big, so be sure that your message box doesn't freakin' explode! XD Just kidding, but in all seriousness, it's gonna be a lot. It's all from the end of March 'till now. I know I recently posted the Sonic drawing few days ago, but that's only because that's the only thing I could get for you, as of then. Now, it's gonna get big. Once I get my hands on a USB cable for my phone, blast away! And that's basically all. See you all later! KJ out.
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  • Watching: Probably a few trailers
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  • Eating: Nothing, not too hungry right now...
  • Drinking: Well, dang, I forgot my water bottle...
-Hello everyone, KJ here. I wanted to share with you something a friend of mine wrote and I thought it should get more attention. Maybe it won't get too much, but some attention will do. So, this friend wrote a Pokémon Valentine's Day Fan Fiction with her OC and Red(Yes, THAT Red) and I really liked it, though it didn't get the attention it should. She did a really great job with it. Here's the link to it:…

-Have a good read, fellas. And if you wanna check her out, just look for Nekogirl3 here on DA. KJ out.
-Howdy all, KJ here!
-Seriously...?- Keito said, annoyed.
-Yes, seriously, can I continue?
-Do your thing...-
-Ahem... Hey peeps, KJ here, with a "Teaser" for one of my next drawings. Gotta say, it's one of the craziest things I've ever done. Think a fusion between three unthinkable characters... All which belong to me, of course. What, you thought it'd be a Metamoran/Potara/DigiXros fusion of copyrighted characters? Naaaah. You're in my universe now! I must say that it is inspired by DigiXros. Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode, to be more specific. No worries, it's not one of those overpowered OC's who just kill ANYONE with the tip of their finger. Trust me on this, I'm doing my best to keep these characters balanced as much as possible. I don't want to be seen as an idiot who gives his characters tons of powers. That'd put a hole in my RP career, y'know! Besides, it's a filler character, made just for fun.-
-You done?- Keito asked.
-Yeah, I'm done.-
-Then let's keep going. Hikari might be around the corner and I don't want to lose it again. I need my body, y'know.
-I know, I know. And I really don't want to be raped again, to be honest...
He-yo, I'm back with another update, peeps! So, here's the thing, I'm currently writing a fan fiction with my own characters, this being the same fic I had promised in the beginning of the year. This is gonna take a while, so I'll be posting it by chapters, one by one. I'm also planning on doing a Manga adaptation of said fic, because why not? Mangas are cool. Right? Right?! Meh, not all of them, but still. The only thing I can say is that it takes place in London and the main character's name is Keito. Also, remember those character biographies I promised when I first started? Yeah, now I'm FINALLY able to do those as well. It's gonna be a wild ride, I can assure you. Last, but not least, I just wanna wish King Asylus a Happy (Late) Birthday. Take the Sirica drawing as a birthday gift. OK, that's all from me, see ya!
He-yo, people, it's me again, and it's time for an update! 2015 is here(for 24 freaking days already!) and I smell awesomeness for this year. Gaming and movies are looking superb, Avengers 2, Zelda Wii U, Star Fox, Ratchet & Clank: The Movie and possibly even SONIC The Hedgehog: The Movie(not to be mistaken with Sonic OVA, which was called Sonic The Movie in the Americas)! But we're not here for that. Here's the thing, I've been pretty busy throughout the last months and wasn't able to post anything here. Also, the PC I have at home(or rather, its charger) broke. But NOW! I'm back from my hiatus and ready to keep on rollin'! And this might be the year where I get my own PC, too, I really wanna start doing some animations and maybe, just maybe, game developing. And digital art, too. Also, MASCOT REDESIGN! Yeah, he's just three months or so old and he's already being redesigned. That's how I roll, keep on redesigning over and over. And he already has two! Though they are really similiar... And the biggest coincidence is that he "evolved" nearly identically to Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm not kidding and I never intended this! Just like Sonic, Kurai Jinx has now 3 designs. Classic, which is the first one, obviously, Attitude(I ran out of ideas, OK?), which the second one and he's surprisingly close to Dreamcast Sonic, and then there's Modern. Don't worry, he's nowhere close to Modern Sonic, he doesn't spit out jokes every 10 seconds, he's actually the most mature and serious of the three. If you thought Shadow the Hedgehog, think again. Think Sonic from Unleashed and Black Knight. Anyway, now for a message spam warning. I am probably gonna post a lot of art today(and I mean a LOT of art), so if you don't a tremendous amount of messages in your feed... You should probably unwatch me for half an hour, at exactly 7:30 PM, Lisbon/London time. Or don't, I think you can remove it from your feed. Well, I think that's all. OH, right, and I'll also be posting art about a project I'm working on with some friends of mine. I'm not gonna give the name, just stick with me. And NOW, it's really over. Have a good day, KuraiJinx OUT!