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When the world is at bay... A hero has to rise. by KuraiJinx When the world is at bay... A hero has to rise. by KuraiJinx
Well, looka that. Finally, a colored sketch!! This is what happens when I watch too much DBZ and Lion King 2. Eeyup.
TimidCoyote Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Here, the critique I promised you. I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT IT, YIKES.
Firstly, let me start with this; yes I like this quite a ton. One the greatest pictures of yours, if not the best. However, some things can be improved. (This is where I get mean).
The picture lacks atmosphere. A lot. The characters don't blend into the background. They're just floating on a random background, much like a collage. The lack of shading is one of the reasons why it's like this. Yes, I know you have trouble with shading, but just ask me for some tips in class yo. I'll help you out.
Also, thunder isn't yellow. It's white with a very pale blue glow if anything; here's an example…. And judging that there's a thunderstorm going on, the sky should have been filled with gray clouds, hence the blue here doesn't make much sense! About that dust cloud, it should have been behind Sonic. Even if it's being blown away by the wind, it should have so kind of perspective from behind the character. Same with the trail, that just looks like he descended from the sky to fuck shit up (or maybe he did, I don't know anything about Sonic lol).
And that coloring. It's... well, sloppy. Try not pressing the pencils too hard into the paper and keep coloring in one direction only. If you don't know what I mean with this, just ask me and I'll show you in person.
I must also say that you mimic the Sonic style very well! Just hope that doesn't get in the way when you try to develop an original and personal style.

I think that's it? For any insults or complaints, just come at me. I can take 'em.
Hope this helps, Dan out.
KuraiJinx Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Student General Artist

 Let's see...

 I guess I should just speak and ask instead of simply goofing around like an idiot all the time. Ironic how I tend to act more serious on the internet and be a complete cartoon character-wannabe in school... Aye...

 ...Eesh, I knew I should have left the lightning white... Also, I tried to take references from The Lion King 2's ending scene(Lion War during thunderstorm and rain), but because I tried doing it from memory... I guess that ultimately ruined the background.
 Uuuuuugh, that dust cloud kinda makes me feel like an idiot... Though Sonic did come to fuck shit up, ence the whole thunderstorm thing. Jinx is just there because... He's just there, really.

 I really need watercolors... That /should/ help.

 That's what'cha get for practicing it for SEVEN YEARS. Yeah, seven years practicing the Sonic style. I'm trying new things as of late, though. Like, a DC Universe Style, Dragon Ball, and sometimes, mixing styles up. But I'm trying to get to that style that people will recognize as my own. As me.

 Well, that helps out quite a lot. It's always great to recieve feedback and criticism. Mostly because that's exactly what I want. I like when people praise me, but criticism is mostly what I want. Thanks for taking your time!
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October 17, 2015
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